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Type: Prefix
Base price modifier: +1 per +2 bonus, Maximum of +5
Effect: This property provides an enhancement bonus to confirm critical hits and critical hit damage. A +10 Seeker item adds +10 to your confirm critical roll and +10 damage to your critical damage (before multipliers).

The additional damage only applies if you actually score critical damage. If your target negates the critical hit, for example by fortification, extra seeker damage does not apply.

Multiple sources of Seeker don't stack.

Seeker affects all your attacks (single weapon melee, dual weapon melee, and ranged). For example, if you are using two weapons, only one needs to have seeker but both benefit from it. If you are using thrown weapons, you can hold seeker weapon/shield in your off-hand. The same is true of Backstabbing, Doublestrike, and Stunning.

On randomly generated weapons, seeker is available only in +2, +4, +6, +8 and +10 forms. On random accessories, up to +6 is available in heroic levels. +2 through +8 can be crafted with Cannith Crafting.

The Exceptional Seeker enchantment grants insight bonus and stacks with regular seeker (enhancement bonus). It is found on rare items. Exceptional Seeker is currently available up to +5. Found on:

  • Randomly generated weapons (+2 to +10 possible)
  • Cannith Crafting prefix for Main Hand Weapon or Off Hand Weapon/Shield (+2 to +8 possible)
  • Named items