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Yewil d'Phiarlan

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Yewil d'Phiarlan.jpg

Type: Elf (List)

Race: Elf (List)

Monster Manual classification: Missing from MM: Elf

Alignment: Neutral Good

Boss: Orange Named - Mini boss

CR:  ♠11Elite ♦22Epic Normal ♥31Epic Hard ♠46Epic Elite

Habitat: Under the Big Top — Inside the tent

When you first meet her, she is outside of Malicia's tent. Talking to herwill make she reply:

  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: It's about time you arrived. We were getting worried you wouldn't be up to the challenge of getting here.
  • You: And you are?
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: I am Agent Yewil d'Phiarlan, and this is my team of infiltrators, spies, and agents. We were tasked with making our way to the big top and dispatching the Cabal's leader, Malicia.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: Despite our skills, the plan our handlers proposed was put on too quickly. There was no way for my team to make it here without dying for no good reason.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: Fortunately another Phiarlan Agent, Cerise, decided to hire some adventurers to cover our infiltration.
    • You: I see—I was just a diversion sent on a suicide mission!
    • You: Cerise? Why that conniving little Elven wench!
    • You: Hey, I know a Cerise. Nice lass. She hired me to ... hey, wait a minute!
  • (Regardless of the option you choose, the dialogue go to the same text)
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: That's right, we used you—but don't take it personally. You were selected because of your reputation. Really, you should be honored.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: If you're not, then too bad. You were hired to do a job for House Phiarlan. And I have news for you: your job's not finished.
    • You: Alright, I see your point. I'm not happy about it, but there's a job to do. What's the plan?
    • You: There will be a reckoning for this, Yewil d'Phiarlan. I swear to you! But you're right, there is a job to do. What is it?
  • (Regardless of the option you choose, the dialogue go to the same text)
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: Our intelligence says the Cabal's leader, Malicia, is holed up inside the tent. Slaying her form here on Eberron will banish her back to Shavarath. House Phiarlan claims the right to do so.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: Our plan is simple. My team and I will take the point and battle against Malicia. You'll hang back and guard our flanks. Seeing hoe long it took you to arrive, hanging back shouldn't be too difficult for you! Understand?
  • You: Yeah, I do your dirty work, and House Phiarlan takes the credit. Got it. Let's go.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: Take up positions inside the tent. Once you're inside there's no turning back until we win.

Once inside the tent, you need to talk to her again to start the operation:

  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: My team is in position. Are you ready or not?
    • You: I'm ready to attack.
      • Yewil d'Phiarlan: Stand to the side and out of my way.
    • You: Hold on just a moment.
      • Yewil d'Phiarlan: Hurry before we lose the element of surprise!

Then she immediately starts to confront Malicia:

  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: To the interplanar witch Malicia—House Phiarlan calls an end to your charade! Come out of the shadows and face your doom!
  • Malicia: Let me guess. You're the House Phiarlan retainer who's here to ... "punish" me.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: That's right, Malicia! I've been sent to make sure you pay for the damage you've caused House Phiarlan!
  • Malicia: Darling Elf, it was never, ever, about causing damage ...
  • Malicia: ... it was about taking control.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: No! I must resist... must... must obey!
  • Malicia: Someone resisted my charms! Well, we can't have that, now can we?
  • Malicia: Darlings, kill the intruders... for me.
  • Yewil d'Phiarlan: You will die because Malicia commands it! Show no mercy! (Start battle)