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Name: Cerise

Race: Elf

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Under the Big Top

Affiliation(s): House Phiarlan

Location: House Phiarlan, hunched down in the bushes just east of the House P teleporter. Quest must be flagged for her to appear on your House P map.

Description: <Serpentine Table Agent>

House Phiarlan[edit]

If you try to talk to her while unflagged, at level 2 or lower, she will reply:

  • Cerise: Stop drawing attention to me.

If you are at level 3 or higher, however, she will reply:

  • Cerise: Well met, <name>. I inderstand you are the one that discovered Malicia's name.
  • Cerise: Are you ready to proceed to the next step?
  • You: If it's going to take down the Maleficent Cabal, then I'm in.
  • Cerise: Phiarlan intelligence has identified Malicia as the leader of the Maleficent Cabal. She's the key mastermind behind all their attacks on Phiarlan interests.
  • Cerise: We need to send in an assassin to eliminate her, cutting the head off the snake. Will you do the job?
  • Cerise: She's using the Traveling Troubadors as a staging point; you can find her in there.
    • You: Very well, I'll take out the target. (Bestow quest)
    • You: Why doesn't House Phiarlan just send in their own agents?
      • Cerise: All the other field agents are poised to take down Malicia's lieutenants and pawns elsewhere in Stormreach.
      • Cerise: Against Malicia herself, I want our best person. I was told that's you... is that not true?
        • You: Very well, I'll take out the target. (Bestow quest)

Talking to her after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make she say:

  • Cerise: Your target is in the Traveling Troubadors. Take care, Malicia is likely to be well guarded.

On completion of quest, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Cerise: You are alive. Your mission was a success then?
  • Cerise: Good. I will signal our other teams to move against any remaining Maleficent Cabal members. Without Malicia to lead them, they will be easy prey.
  • Cerise: House Phiarlan will not forget your work. I understand that Rouge has some big reward for you.

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Cerise: Your mission was successful. The maleficent Cabal will never recover from the loss of their leader.