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Name: Weepbane

Race: Drow Elf

Gender: Female

Location: Wylkes Manor, which is found in The Inspired Quarter

Description: A helpful drow that came from the Isle of Forgotten Dreams trying to give information about the dream creatures. She isn't being listened by the guards, but you can use the information.

Wylkes Manor[edit]

  • Weepbane: I came to warn the chief of the Stormreach tribe, but his fool warriors won't let me speak with him.
  • Weepbane: The evil spirits are here... surely you've seen them in your sleep? They live in the world of dreams, and they seek to make slaves of us all!
  • Weepbane: Be wary if you meet one in your slumber, <race>, for the spirits do not Sleep, they cannot be Charmed, and they have no Fear.
    • You: How can one fight these 'spirits'?
      • Weepbane: Many of the spirits abhor crystal and glass, taking grievous injury from those weapons.
      • Weepbane: I have also heard tales that weapons with an aura of righteousness can easily destroy the sprits... but such a thing is for the weaker races of Eberron, not for the Drow.
      • Weepbane: In the end, a warrior must adapt to the type of spirit, whether it is a Dream Render, Dream Scourge, or a Dream Stealer.
        • You: Tell me about Dream Renders.
          • Weepbane: many shamans have paid in blood to learn that Dream Renders consume magic used against them, using it to power their own spirit magic.
          • Weepbane: Attempts to Paralyze, Slow, or Web them have also failed.
          • Weepbane: Fighting these things is a task for the sword and the spear.
        • You: Tell me about Dream Scourges.
          • Weepbane: Those spirits each have an bond to an element: Acid, Cold, or Fire.
          • Weepbane: They are healed by it, but are in turn harmed by the opposing element: Lightning, Flame, or Ice.
        • You: Tell me about Dream Stealers.
          • Weepbane: When a warrior fights one, any stab or cut she deals to the spirit mirrors itself back onto her.
          • Weepbane: It is better to attack such spirit from afar, with bow or with magic.