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Treasure of Crystal Cove/Treasure Map quests

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There are 25 uniquely named treasure maps to be discovered by killing pirates out in Smuggler's Rest.

Collecting maps[edit]

Drops are completely random (both in terms of how often they drop, and which named map will drop), although some maps appear to drop more often than others, and they tend to drop in streaks.

When in a party, every party member in the instance when the map drops will receive a copy of the same map. Because of this, farming in a group (in the same instance) is the quickest way to collect named maps.

Using maps[edit]

Double-click on the map from inventory to read the map and cause a chest to spawn on the map at the appropriate location. Chests will be indicated by a yellow check-mark (shown on map below) and can be selected as quests from the quest journal under the Smuggler's Rest area.

Do not use a map if you have already spawned the corresponding chest as it will be wasted. First claim the chest and then re-read the map to spawn a second of the same name.

Any enemy near you when you open the chest will aggro on you, as if you had attacked them. The loot in a chest will be equivalent to a standard chest from a quest equal to the reader of the map.

These chests can still be collected when the Smuggler's Rest event has ended, as long as you have a way to get to the Smuggler's Rest area.

Map list[edit]

The 25 maps to treasure are shown below followed by a list: following the links can help you get to grips with the local pirate lore.

Smugglers Rest Treasure Maps.jpg

  • Treasure Map: Ahraatz-Ri's Treasure Hoard (not linked directly because of spoilers)
  • Treasure Map: Amanatu's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Ancker's Treasure Hoard
  • Treasure Map: Bloodeye's Treasure Hoard
  • Treasure Map: Cage's Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Delera's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Goldhorn's Treasure Hoard
  • Treasure Map: Grey Garl's Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Grim's Treasure Hoard
  • Treasure Map: Gromhelm's Treasure Hoard
  • Treasure Map: Heyton's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Kiettuc's Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Orenah's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Rackam's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Red Tom's Treasure Hoard
  • Treasure Map: Relix's Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Riflee's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Rosie's Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Scorchtusk's Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Strinati's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Tew's Treasure Hoard
  • Treasure Map: Two Toed Tobias' Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Tychonn's Lost Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Vingus' Hidden Treasure
  • Treasure Map: Wee Yip Yip's Hidden Treasure