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Rosie the Jinx

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Rosie the Jinx.jpg

Name: Rosie the Jinx

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): The Scoundrel's Run

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents

Location: Barrel's Bottom, on the upper walkway, just south of the mailbox


Barrel's Bottom[edit]

If you try to talk to her at any time, she will reply:

  • Rosie the Jinx: Hoy! Feelin' up fer a challenge, saucy? Care to try Scoundrel's Run?
  • You: The Scoundrel's Run? What's that?
  • Rosie the Jinx: It's a treasure hunt, kipper! Old Garl the Grey set it up as a spectator sport. You go to the labyrinth and look fer the five Idol of Halokh pieces. We stay above and bet on whether you make it. And you get to keep any treasure you find!
    • You: Sounds interesting. I'm game - how do I start?
      • Rosie the Jinx: First thing, ye got to make it to the labyrinth. It's quite a walk, 'n plenty wager against gettin' that far.
        • You: A walk! Ha, you'll have to do much better to scare me!
          • Rosie the Jinx: That's the spirit! Now, ye need to take the cliff-side road out o' camp. When the road forks, take the left path. After you pass the waterfall, take the northern pass through the hills.
          • You: Northern pass, got it.
          • Rosie the Jinx: When you get outta the pass, there'll be a big, beautiful lagoon in front of you. The labyrinth entrance is hidden in the forest just west of the lagoon.
            • You: All right. I'm heading there right now. (Bestow quest)
              • Rosie the Jinx: Outstanding! Word of advice..., watch out for Boss Kharja. That filcher 'n him minotaurs moved into the Run a while back. They're throwing off our odds! Matter o' fact, if ye want to shorten him by a head, it'd be much appreciated.
            • You: This is starting to sound like too much trouble. I'm out.
              • Rosie the Jinx: Pah! Then why're you wastin' my time, knotter? (Walk away)
        • You: Wait, I have to WALK! Forget it!
          • Rosie the Jinx: Pah! Then why're you wastin' my time, knotter? (Walk away)
    • You: Is this game legal?
      • Rosie the Jinx: Rosie smirks. Legal? D'ye fancy yerself a Stormreach inspector, now? Legal's what you make it in Three Barrel. And we made the Run!
        • You: Fair enough. I'm game - how do I start? (see above)
        • You: You may have made it, but I'm not playing.
          • Rosie the Jinx: Pah! Then why're you wastin' my time, knotter? (Walk away)

Talking to her after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make she say:

  • Rosie the Jinx: ????????????????

On completion of quest, she will congratulate you with the following:

  • Rosie the Jinx: Bloody brilliant job, knotter! Ain't just any fool can survive Scoundrel's Run. You made a fortune fer us down in those tunnels. Gonna be lots more folks tryin' it now, thanks be to you.

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to her again, she will reply:

  • Rosie the Jinx: Hoy, it's you, kipper. Good job on the Run before. The lot of us made a good bit o' gold on you!
  • You: How is business, Rosie?
  • Rosie the Jinx: Passable, titch. Better since ye did the Run. Folks been comin' dar 'n wide, hoping to follow yer example. But you best move on now ... no time for idle gib-gab just now.