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Item:Thaarak Wraps

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Thaarak Wraps

Proficiency Class Exotic Weapon Proficiency Handwraps Generic.png
Damage and Type Handwrap
Critical threat range 20 / x2
Weapon Type Handwrap / Bludgeoning weapons
Race Absolutely Required None
Minimum Level 18
Required Trait None
Use Magical Device DC No UMD needed
Attack Mod STR
Damage Mod STR
Binding Bound to Character on AcquireIcon tooltip.pngBound to Character on Acquire: This item is Bound to Character on Acquire
Durability 140
Made from ClothIcon tooltip.pngCloth: Cloth is a very common material used in handwraps, robes, outfits. and other accessories.
Hardness 13
Base Value 002000300020,003ppIcon tooltip.pngPlatinum Piece 
Weight 0.50 lbs
Location Hound of Xoriat, Elite or Hard Side Chest
  • +5 Enhancement BonusIcon tooltip.png+5 Enhancement Bonus: +5 enhancement bonus to attack and damage rolls.
  • Phantasmal KillerIcon tooltip.pngPhantasmal Killer
    Caster level: 18
    Charges: 3 (3/day)
    3 Charges (Recharged/Day:3)
  • Acid BurstIcon tooltip.pngAcid Burst: This weapon is sheathed in corrosive acid. The weapon deals an extra 1 to 6 acid damage each hit. In addition, critical hits deal an additional 1 to 10 acid damage for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 2 to 20 for a x3 critical multiplier and 3 to 30 for a x4 multiplier.
  • Acid BlastIcon tooltip.pngAcid Blast: An acid blast weapon is sheathed in corrosive acid. Critical hits with this weapon deal an additional 1 to 10 acid damage for weapons with a x2 critical multiplier, 2 to 20 for a x3 critical multiplier and 3 to 30 for a x4 multiplier. Additionally, if you roll a 20 when attacking and confirm the critical hit, the weapon blasts your target, doing an additional 4 to 24 more acid damage.
  • Thaarak CorrosionIcon tooltip.pngThaarak Corrosion: Like a Thaarak Hound's vitriolic breath, this weapon is corrosive and can damage enemies over time. Occasionally, it applies a lasting effect to its targets that deals 2 to 8 acid damage every second for six seconds. If the effect is reapplied before it has a chance to wear off, the duration will reset and stack up to three times.
  • NightmaresIcon tooltip.pngNightmares: This weapon terrorizes your foes, applying a mind thrust effect on successful hits (dealing 5 to 40 force damage, Will vs. Enchantments negates) and exposing your foes to their greatest fears on vorpal hits, acting as a Phantasmal Killer spell.
  • Inherent (10) Acid ResistanceIcon tooltip.pngInherent (10) Acid Resistance: This property absorbs the first 10 stacking points of acid damage per attack that the wearer would normally take.
  • Mythic Weapon Boost +2 or +4Icon tooltip.pngMythic Weapon Boost +2 or +4: +2 or +4 Mythic bonus to Melee, Ranged, and Universal Spell Power.
    (This is a rare enchantment that does not show up on all drops of this item.)
Thaarak Wraps.png

Not upgradeable

Description These ragged strips of cloth seem to have been ripped and ravaged by a Thaarak hound. They now drip with a powerful acid that, fortunately, the wraps themselves protect the user against.

  • Only drops on Hard and Elite difficulty.