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Cloth is a very common material used in handwraps, robes, outfits, and other accessories.

Cloth items typically have a very low weight, but tend to suffer by having a lower hardness (4 points less than Steel, 1 less the Leather and durability (around half that of a similar leather item).

Cloth dresswear have no inherent armor bonus, maximum dexterity bonus, skill penalties or risk of spell failure while wearing the items. Clothing also requires no proficiency to wear without attack penalty.

Cloth dresswear is considered armor for game purposes. You cannot wear harder armor or clothing at the same time.

Specific classes are limited to cloth dresswear or they will suffer penalties to their abilities.

Handwraps are special cloth weaponry for unarmed fighting. They do not have any proficiency requirements but sometimes have racial requirements. While any class can use handwraps, only the Monk can use handwraps in a superior way against attackers. Handwraps suffer far less damage than ordinary weapons against oozes and rust monsters.

Cloth should not be confused with items designed as clothing in places such as the Auction House. Clothing includes boots, belts, gloves, and helms.