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I've done my part for the wiki. The 'management' in the person of Shoemaker is inimical to me, so I'm done here.
-- Niminae (ContribsMessage) 03:20, August 8, 2018 (EDT)


{{Ref|1={{Forums|478575}}}} - Specific to a DDO forums post, replace '478575' with actual post number

[[Item:Nightmother's Sceptre|Nightmother's Sceptre]] - Link to the item page, hiding the word 'Item:' by using the '|replacement_text' coding.

[[Nightmother's Sceptre]] - Also a link to the item page. Dunno why I'd use the above when this is more concise? Perhaps because the item hasn't had the item template applied to it?

Image popup - {{Image popup|[[Item talk:Tiara of Madness#Rounding bug|display/rounding bug]]|Tiara of Madness bug.jpg|link=Item talk:Tiara of Madness#Rounding bug}}.}}