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Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage - EPIC

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Vaults of the Artificers adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: Vaults of the Artificers

(Note: This does NOT mean it requires purchase of anything, you may play with free daily tokens.)
The Spectral Dragon Auraxyllon created this magical palace between the planes to store his vast crystal hoard.

Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage - EPIC
Level Range: 21-25
Duration: Fixed time limit
10 minutes
Base XP Range: 2100-?
Takes place in: Extraplanar Palace
Challenge entrance(s) in: House Cannith
Patron: House Cannith
Free to Play: No
Group Difficulty: Average
Solo Difficulty: Average
5 Star Difficulty: Average
Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage - EPIC map (legend)
Loading screen


Extraplanar Palace: Labor Shortage is one of the challenges added in Update 12.

  • Shows up as "Extraplanar Mining" on the House Cannith map and quest entrance.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!

Star Objectives

  • Reach crystal collection quota (100 Crystals)
  • (Optional) Keep all Kobolds alive
  • (Optional) Defeat the Dragon Auraxyllon
  • (Optional) Find all the Azure Motes
  • (Optional) Buy at least 7 Powerups

Note: You must complete the first star objective to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps

  • Respawning Monsters and random raiding parties that will target your Kobolds as they head towards the Foreman.

Tips and Misc


  • The monsters for this Challenge are meant for very experienced players. You must be level 21 or higher to enter this Challenge.
  • Epic Challenges offer alternate rewards that can upgrade Challenge loot into its Epic version.
  • Although the challenge is called "epic" and offers epic-level rewards, that's about where the comparison to other epic quests stop. Challenges do not feature epic difficulty. Examples: No monsters possess Epic Ward, traps do not deal as much damage as other epic quests, there are no repeat timers, shrines reset, re-entry is allowed (within 3 minutes), epic fragments and tokens do not drop, and other non-epic rules are present. They are essentially Normal difficulty, with some tweaks to make them more challenging.
  • The main technical differences are enemies gain deathblock and a lot more hitpoints when compared to the lvl20 version of the same challenge.

Quick Start Guide

  1. With a limited supply of Kobold Miners, can you collect enough crystals from the Dragon's hoard before time runs out?
  2. Protect your Kobold workers from monster attacks as the Kobolds try to carry their crystal payload back to the Foreman.
  3. Barter crystals with the Foreman to help bolster your Kobold workers, because they only have one life to live!

The Rules

The Dragon's Hoard

  • The Spectral Dragon, Auraxyllon, lurks somewhere inside his extraplanar palace, protecting his vast collection of crystals.
  • Raid the palace with the Kobold Miners Union and extract as many crystals as possible before the time runs out.
  • The deeper into the palace you delve, the more crystals you can find – but watch out! Auraxyllon is somewhere in the palace lying in wait for intruders.

Kobold Miners

  • Lead the Kobold Miners to crystals by laying down Incense Torches to form a path.
  • You have a limited number of Kobolds, and can't acquire more from the Foreman.
  • Kobolds only have one life and can't be resurrected, so protect them!
    • Tip: Healing Torches work like regular torches, plus they also heal Kobold Miners who are near them.
  • The kobolds will collect the crystal and take them back to the Foreman near the entrance.
    • Tip: Barrels increase how many crystals one Kobold can carry. Place Barrels in the torch path and Kobolds will pick them up and equip them. A Kobold with multiple Barrels will make his best effort to fill the barrels before returning to the Foreman.
  • Monsters may attack the Kobolds while they’re working, causing the Kobolds to panic and run in circles.
    • Tip: You can earn extra treasure for killing red named bosses!
  • Help the Kobolds return to the Foreman to unload their crystals so they can go back to collect more!
    • Tip: Place Teleporters near Kobolds who are loaded with crystals. Kobolds will use Teleporters to instantly travel back to the Foreman.

The Foreman

  • Help the Kobolds return to the Foreman to unload their crystals so they can go back to collect more!
  • The Foreman can sell you various enhancements for your Kobold Miners, Incense Torches, Healing Torches, Barrels, and Teleporters, as well as various useful items from the DDO Store.
  • Monsters may also attack and kill the Foreman. A dead Foreman can’t sell you supplies!
  • Tourist Tonic can be purchased from the DDO Store. It will return you to the Time Foreman instantaneously.


  • Green crystals are turned in by Kobolds to meet the quota, and increase your score!
  • Purple Crystals are worth 10 of the Green Crystals. But be careful – Some Purple Crystals tend to explode if left alone for too long.
  • You can use crystals to buy supplies from the Foreman. Remember that this subtracts from your quota.
  • Rooms deeper in the palace tend to have more crystals, but at the risk of encountering the Dragon!


You will earn points for the following:

  • Collected crystals

Player Notes

  • Your Kobolds have only one life, are very weak, and tend to wander off. Guard them with due vigilance.
  • Like the other Kobold Mining Union challenges, your Crystal Cove Pirate Hats will buff the Kobolds.
  • Deeper rooms are likely to have larger concentrations of shards. Weigh this against the increased risk to your Kobolds.

Challenge Duration

Fixed: 10 Minutes

  • Can only be increased by a maximum of 1 minute by using the minute of time watch.


  • Chests: One per red named killed.
  • Ingredient reward: Icon Ingredient CannithChallenge EpicArcanalothScroll.png Epic Arcanaloth Scrolls – ~84% of your total score


Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Animated Armor( view
Animated Armor.jpg
 • edit )
Challenge Level Construct Animated Object
Arcanaloth Reaper( view
Arcanaloth Reaper.png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Evil Outsider Yugoloth
Arcanaloth Wizard( view
Arcanaloth Wizard.png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Evil Outsider Yugoloth
Auraxyllon( view
 • edit )
Challenge Level + 3 Undead Blue Dragon
Devashta( view
 • edit )
Challenge Level + 1 on Heroic, Challenge Level + 6 on Epic Evil Outsider Demon
Dust Mephit( view
Dust Mephit.png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Earth Outsider Mephit
Fire Reaver( view
Fire Reaver.jpg
 • edit )
Challenge Level Evil Outsider Demon
Graezil( view
 • edit )
Challenge Level + 1 Evil Outsider Hag
Ice Flenser( view
Ice Flenser.png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Evil Outsider Demon
Jarilith( view
 • edit )
Challenge Level Evil Outsider Demon
Salteshka( view
 • edit )
Challenge Level + 2 Evil Outsider Rakshasa
Succubus( view
 • edit )
Challenge Level Evil Outsider Devil

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