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Eternity Unleashed

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"Beneath House Jorasco, the spectral dragon known as Eternity has long been contained. The creature has begun an attempt to escape."

Eternity Unleashed
Level Range: 7-35
Duration: Quest-like, no time limit
Base XP Range: 700-3500
Takes place in: The Night Revels
Challenge entrance(s) in: Night Revels Crypt
Patron: None
Free to Play: Yes
Group Difficulty: Average (similar to most)
Solo Difficulty: Average (similar to most)
5 Star Difficulty: Average (similar to most)
Eternity Unleashed map
Loading screen


Eternity the Spectral Dragon lies imprisoned far below Delera's graveyard. The creature's jailer, Yvonne, is eager to speak with you.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!

Star Objectives

  • Open the Occulus
  • Gain entrance to the Eternity's Prison
  • Defeat Eternity
  • Reopen the Occulus
  • Defeat Eternity

Note: You must complete all non-optional star objectives to receive experience & rewards from this Challenge.

Known Traps

  • Electric/Fire traps in the puzzle area

Tips and Misc

There are cultists and undead scattered throughout the corridors. Kill them as you encounter them and move on.


  • Speak to the NPC near the entrance (Yvonne Lunet), then head down the ramp to the main corridor
  1. First pass
    • Turn left and head North along the corridor – Halfway along the corridor turn left (West) into the Puzzle Room (A)
      • Solve the puzzle to activate the switches (take care to avoid connecting the trap tiles)
        Eternity Unleashed Tile Puzzle.jpg
      • Use the Switch (B) in the Puzzle Room to activate the East Light Beam
      • The light beam should hit the mirror outside the puzzle room and reflect to the Relay Crystal in the northwest corner. If not, use the Lever (C) opposite the door (in corridor, on pillar immediately to the South (right) of the opposite alcove) to turn the Mirror (D) on the ceiling.
    • Head round the corridor (clockwise is quickest) and pull the Switches (B) on the South/East/North alcoves to activate the Light Beams. Each mirror should already reflect the beam to an unlit Relay Crystal. Use the lever to aim the mirror if required.
      • Nearby monsters must be killed to unlock the switches
    • The Occulus is now open and the gate leading down to Eternity's Prison (F) unlocked. Continue round the corridor until reaching the doorway just to the North of the Puzzle Room. Head down the ramp and defeat the orange named Skeletal Warrior then pull the lever to gain entrance to Eternity's Prison
    • Beat Eternity down until the Yvonne shouts down to head back up to reopen the Occulus (~60% Health), and then return to the puzzle room.
      • From time to time during the fight, Yvonne shouts to stand clear – run and hide behind one of the pillars in the Prison for protection (Eternity will not follow you)
      • Eternity may become invulnerable before Yvonne opens the gate.
  2. Second pass.
    • Re-solve the puzzle In Puzzle Room (A).
    • Repeat the Switches (B) and Levers (C) to light all 4 Crystals (E) again. It should require three pulls to aim the light correctly.
      • On the second pass it is fewer lever pulls to aim them counter-clockwise. All that matters is that a beam terminates at each crystal.
    • During this phase, creatures emerge, surrounded by necromantic energy and dangerous to any who approach
      • The creatures are un-targetable un-named swirly skull-things of necromantic power that travel round the corridor during this phase (in both directions)
      • They can be avoided by hugging the edges of the corridor and diving into the alcoves
      • If touched, they cause damage and inflict a 5 seconds Necromantic Slow effect
      • Being undead does not protect you against the (untyped) damage
    • Once all 4 Crystals are lit (and the Occulus is open once more), head down the ramp to Eternity's Prison (F)
    • Beat Eternity down until dead
      • From time to time during the fight, Yvonne shouts to stand clear – run and hide behind one of the pillars in the Prison for protection (Eternity will not follow you) to protect against a massive AoE spell that Eternity casts (~300 damage at Challenge Level 23).
      • Once dead, Eternity bows in defeat, bathed in the moonlight. The Spectral Dragon freezes in place as her magical bindings return. Eternity is a prisoner once more.
    • Loot the end chest


  • Chests: 1 (end chest)


Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Corrupted Guardian( view
Corrupted Guardian.png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Monstrous Humanoid Gargoyle
Cultist Ranger (human)( view
Cultist Ranger (human).png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Humanoid Human
Cultist Thug( view
Cultist Thug.png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Humanoid Human
Eternity( view
 • edit )
Challenge Level + 4 Dragon Blue Dragon
Skeletal Warrior (orange-named)( view
Skeletal Warrior (orange).png
 • edit )
Challenge Level + 2 Undead Skeleton
Tomb Skeleton( view
Tomb Skeleton.png
 • edit )
Challenge Level Undead Skeleton

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