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Eerie Forest

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The Reaver's Reach adpack icon.jpg
DDO Point icon.png Requires access to adventure pack: The Reaver's Reach

The forest is the heart of Sor'jek's scheme to amass an army of undead dragons.


This adventure zone is accessed through The Reaver's Refuge. To get here, either ask the Stormreaver for fly and fly up directly above him to the Ternathear's Inner Lair.. Or use the various air jets about to be propelled up there. Once inside you will need to be flagged for Stealer of Souls to have Ternathear open the portal to the Eerie Forest. Though the forest itself does not require flagging, getting the portal opened does - so you can also get in here by having another party member open the portal for you.

This is a level 17 Wilderness Adventure Area, allowing characters from levels 13 to 22 to get full experience.

Eerie Forest map Spoilers!
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In addition to the Rare Encounter / Slayer / Explorer quests typical to all Wilderness Adventure Areas, this quest can be found in this zone:

Rare Encounters[edit]

Each Rare Encounter is worth 1,000 XP; the bonus for defeating all of them is 1,500 XP.

  • Slay Varney, Ancient Vampire
    • Note: Varney can be spawned in every instance - "sacrifice"/kill 10 rats (or any other mob) on the altar and he will always appear.
  • Purge the Darkness
  • Survive the zombie attack
    • Note: You'll probably want to keep your distance from the barrier that appears behind you - touching it will instantly kill you.


Note that numbers here come as a total kill count of Aussircaex's Valley, Soami Gardens, Mount Reysalon and Eerie Forest, listed in your quest journal as Slayer: Reaver's Reach under Reaver's Refuge tab.

  • Slay 10 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 725 XP = 72.5 xp/kill
  • Slay 25 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 979 XP = 65.27 xp/kill
  • Slay 50 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 1,325 XP = 53 xp/kill
  • Slay 100 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 1,950 XP = 39 xp/kill
  • Slay 200 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 3,095 XP = 30.95 xp/kill
  • Slay 400 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 5,345 XP = 26.73 xp/kill
  • Slay 750 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 8,895 XP = 25.41 xp/kill
  • Slay 1,500 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 18,360 XP = 24.48 xp/kill
  • Slay 3,000 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 37,055 XP = 24.7 xp/kill
  • Slay 5,000 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 51,525 XP = 25.76 xp/kill
  • Slay 7,500 creatures in Reaver's Reach: 67,295 XP = 26.92 xp/kill


Each Explorer is worth 500 XP; the bonus for finding all of them is 625 XP.


  • Find the Eerie Forest
  • Discover the Bloodletting Tree
  • Discover the Obscured Graveyard
  • Discover the Looming Fortress

Dungeon Entrances[edit]

  • Find Sorjek's Lair


Name ( picture ) CR Type Race
Black Wolf( view
Black Wolf.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦3Normal ♥5Hard ♠8Elite Animal Wolf
Dwarf Shambler( view
Dwarf Shambler.png
 • edit )
 ♦16Normal Undead Zombie
Elder Earth Elemental( view
Elder Earth Elemental.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal Elemental Earth Elemental
Elf Shambler( view
Elf Shambler.png
 • edit )
 ♦16Normal Undead Zombie
Flesh Golem( view
Flesh Golem.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦18Normal Construct Golem
Greater Shadow( view
Greater Shadow.png
 • edit )
 ♥14Hard Undead Shadow
Greater Umbral Gargoyle( view
Greater Umbral Gargoyle.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦17Normal Undead Shadow
Human Shambler( view
Human Shambler.png
 • edit )
 ♦16Normal Undead Zombie
Twilight Bat( view
Twilight Bat.png
 • edit )
 ♠17Elite Animal Bat
Varney( view
 • edit )
 ♦20Normal Undead Vampire
Vile Carcass Eater( view
Vile Carcass Eater.jpg
 • edit )
 ♦15Normal Animal Rat