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Dream Stealer

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Dream Stealer.png

Type: Evil Outsider (List)

Race: Quori (List)

Sub-race: Hashalaq Quori (List)

Monster Manual classification: Quori

Alignment: Lawful Evil

Rare: No

Organization: Usually solitary, sometimes squads of 2-4

CR:  ♣20Solo/Casual ♦20Normal ♥24Hard ♠30Elite

Attack: Incorporeal touch, Spellcasting (Psionic and Arcane), Idyllic Touch

Special Qualities: DR 5-25/Good or Crystal, Energy Resistance


Description: Dream Stealer (Quori Wraith)

Idyllic Touch: This is a special on-melee strike effect all Dream Stealers get. DC30+ will save (scales with difficulty slightly). Duration is 6-9 seconds with a recurring save every 2 seconds. It's very devastating as there is no way to remove it - Remove Paralysys/Curse/Heal/etc tested, nothing will remove it. It's considered a psionic melee attack, so magical spell absorption also can not prevent it. However, Pale Masters are immune to it.

Originally Posted by MrCow Source on January 1, 2011


  • About 37 AC (normal).
  • Has energy resistances around 20-30 points (fire, cold, acid).
  • Floating (immune to slippery surfaces, trip, and knockdown).
  • Casts a variety of spells, including psionics (mind blast, ego whip).
  • Has a reactive guard, Empathic Feedback, that will deal untyped damage on a failed will save (DR ~30).
  • Can perform an Idyllic Touch (DC ~30) that is an illusion phantasm causing paralysis (Warforged are not immune, Pale Masters are). This ability can be used in helpless states.
  • Has an STR between 10-14, difficulty depending.
  • Has DR 5/Good or Crystal.