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Cogs Explorer Dungeons (Heroic)

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Cogs Explorer Dungeons
Heroic Saga (Saga main article)
Level range: 15-16
Consists of: 8 quests
NPC contact: Bellman Rulth
Acquired in: Sharn - Clifftop Tower District
Adventure Pack(s): Masterminds of Sharn
 ♦Normal:Normal  ♦8 saga pointsNormal
 ♥Hard:Hard  ♥14 saga pointsHard
 ♠Elite:Elite  ♠20 saga pointsElite
 ●True Elite:Epic  ●24 saga pointsEpic
Free to Play: No
  • Heroic level 15-16 quests
  • Bestowed by Bellman Rulth in the city of Sharn.
  • Total: 8 quests


All of the Masterminds of Sharn walk-up quests in the Cogs completed on heroic difficulty:

Sample rewards[edit]

Saga rewards may include:

  • Sharn crafting materials: a stack of 10 basic ingredients or a single crafted ingredient, such as Caustic Compound, Dampening Alloy, Energizing Alloy, or Stabilizing Compound

Guaranteed rewards include:

  • Normal (All on Normal)) - One of: 16k XP / (1) +1 skill tome / 5k Renown / (4) Nearly Finished components
  • Hard (All + 14 points - 2 on Normal, 6 on Hard) - One of: 22k XP / (2) +1 skill tomes / 7.5k Renown / (4) Nearly Finished components
  • Elite (All + 20 points - 4 on Hard, 4 on Elite) - One of: 35k XP / (3) +1 skill tomes / 10k Renown / (4) Nearly Finished components
  • True Elite (The total 24 points - all on Elite) - One of: 46k XP / (4) +1 skill tomes / 15k Renown / (4) Nearly Finished components