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Category:Soul Gems

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Soul Gems are a type of ingredient that is typically obtained by capturing a monster's soul using the Trap the Soul spell. Soul gems may also be created by items with the Trap the Soul enchantment or Trap the Soul Guard. Non-living constructs, such as iron defenders and golems, do not have any life force, and thus do not produce Soul Gems; however, undead do possess life force, despite also being non-living.

Since Update 50, the number of hit dice a monster possesses no longer affects which Soul Gem they drop; Weak and Strong soul gems no longer drop. (Previously, Strong Gems dropped from monsters with more than 20 Hit Dice and were used to craft Unbound versions of shards; Weak Gems, from monsters with less than 11, were totally useless.)

There are now 28 Soul Gems, 22 of which are useful. Most of these are used in Cannith Crafting to craft Bane shards. The Stone of Change Adamantine Rituals use Soul Gem: Essence of Earth. Soul Gems can be stored in Small or Medium Soul Bags.

Stone of Change Crafting (Adamantine rituals)[edit]

Soul Gems used in Cannith Crafting[edit]

Note: As of Update 50, only standard gems drop, and they can be used for both Bound and Unbound shards.

  • Soul Gem: Aberration
  • Soul Gem: Animal
  • Soul Gem: Dragon
  • Soul Gem: Dwarf
  • Soul Gem: Elf
  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Crusader (used for Lawful Outsider Bane )
  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Destroyer (used for Chaotic Outsider Bane)
  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Dominator (used for Evil Outsider Bane)
  • Soul Gem: Giant
  • Soul Gem: Gnoll
  • Soul Gem: Goblinoid
  • Soul Gem: Halfling
  • Soul Gem: Human
  • Soul Gem: Living Construct (used for Construct Bane as most constructs drop no gems)
  • Soul Gem: Monstrous Humanoid
  • Soul Gem: Ooze
  • Soul Gem: Orc
  • Soul Gem: Plant
  • Soul Gem: Reptilian Humanoid
  • Soul Gem: Undead
  • Soul Gem: Vermin

Soul Gems With No Use[edit]

These soul gems currently have no use in-game as they have no corresponding Bane enchantment, nor does the Stone of Change use them.

Elemental Soul Gems[edit]

  • Soul Gem: Essence of Air
  • Soul Gem: Essence of Fire
  • Soul Gem: Essence of Water

Outsider Soul Gems[edit]

  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Rebel (from Chaotic Good outsiders)
  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Undecided (from Mephits)


  • Soul Gem: Magical Beast (as Magical Beast Bane, existing on just one item is not craftable)

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