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Crafting Soul Gems

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This is a list of Soul Gems that are known to have crafting value. It is an abbreviated list taken from Soul Gems.

The intention of this list is to answer the question: "Which Soul Gems should I create or bother picking up?"

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Stone of Change Crafting (Adamantine rituals)[edit]

Note: This a regular soul gem with no suffix or prefix, thus uses the 20HD version of the spell.

Soul Gems used in Cannith Crafting[edit]

Note: Hit dice were standardized at some point. Hit dice should now be equal to CR for most creatures, meaning CR11-20 (20 HD version of Trap the Soul) for plain soul gems, CR21-30 (30 HD version of Trap the Soul) for strong soul gems.

Note: There are 20 soul gems used for bound Bane shards and 21 strong soul gems used for unbound Bane shards; combined with the Essence of Earth useful for Adamantine Rituals, that makes 42 useful soul gems, which won't quite all fit into a Medium Soul Bag.

For bound Bane shards[edit]

All bound Bane shards which use soul gems use regular soul gems (Soul Gems with no lesser or strong prefix) These require the 20HD version of the spell (or a Trap the Soul weapon/guard) to capture these. The monsters listed below are all within the range of 11-20HD and thus generate the appropriate type.

Note: The soul gem generated is dependent on the monster, not the version of the spell. You can always use a higher version of Trap the Soul, but you will get an "Immune" message if they are too high HD for the version you are casting. Therefore, you can use the 30HD version of the spell, but not the 10HD version (or the 20HD version for CR 21+). Below is a partial list of where to find appropriate HD monsters.

For unbound Bane shards[edit]

All unbound bane shards that use soul gems require "strong" soul gems. Soul Gems with a prefix of "strong" are the 30HD version, thus one must use the 30HD version of the spell to capture these (or a Trap the Soul weapon/guard). The monsters listed below are all within the range of 21-30HD and thus generate the appropriate type.