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Crafting Soul Gems

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The soul gems on this page are useful in some form of crafting, be it at the Stone of Change or Cannith Crafting. For a list of gems with no use, see Soul Gems.

Stone of Change Crafting (Adamantine rituals)[edit]

Soul Gems used in Cannith Crafting[edit]

Note: As of Update 50, only standard gems drop, and they can be used for both Bound and Unbound shards.

  • Soul Gem: Aberration
  • Soul Gem: Animal
  • Soul Gem: Dragon
  • Soul Gem: Dwarf
  • Soul Gem: Elf
  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Crusader (used for Lawful Outsider Bane )
  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Destroyer (used for Chaotic Outsider Bane)
  • Soul Gem: Essence of the Dominator (used for Evil Outsider Bane)
  • Soul Gem: Giant
  • Soul Gem: Gnoll
  • Soul Gem: Goblinoid
  • Soul Gem: Halfling
  • Soul Gem: Human
  • Soul Gem: Living Construct (used for Construct Bane as most constructs drop no gems)
  • Soul Gem: Monstrous Humanoid
  • Soul Gem: Ooze
  • Soul Gem: Orc
  • Soul Gem: Plant
  • Soul Gem: Reptilian Humanoid
  • Soul Gem: Undead
  • Soul Gem: Vermin