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A bow is a ranged weapon that fires either arrows or bolts.
Bow type weapons include:

Related Feats / Enhancements[edit]

The following feats affect ranged combat with bows and/or crossbows:

Name Bow Crossbow Notes
Bow Strength *
Greater Weapon Focus: Ranged * *
Improved Critical: Ranged * *
Improved Precise Shot * *
Manyshot *
Point Blank Shot * *
Precise Shot * *
Rapid Reload *
Rapid Shot * *
Shot on the Run * *
Superior Weapon Focus: Ranged * *
Weapon Focus: Ranged * *
Weapon Specialization * *
Greater Weapon Specialization * *
Zen Archery * * Crossbows do not become monk weapons but still may use Wisdom for determining attack bonus.
  • The Rogue prestige enhancement Mechanic I provides the rogue with a damage bonus equal to their Intelligence modifier when using a crossbow, but not a bow.