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Racial Reincarnation

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As of U35, Level 20(+) Characters can choose to undergo a Racial Reincarnation, gaining "Past Race" benefits for future lives. This is only available to characters of normal (non-iconic) races. Note that any reincarnation cannot be combined with any other reincarnation option - it's one or the other.

Racial Reincarnation uses the TR cache in the exact same way that Heroic True Reincarnation does. source


Lahar Heroic True Heart of Blood.jpg

  • Build point upgrade (to 34, then 36)
  • Grants passive Racial Past Life Feats
  • Loss of all XP (level 20)
  • Loss of all Favor and character-level favor rewards (but not server-level favor rewards)
  • Loss of all quest completions, flagging and raid completion counter
Required item:

Racial PL Benefits[edit]

The Past life feats are listed below, the "1st" column shows the bonus received for the first reincarnation, the "2nd" for the second reincarnation of a given race, etc. The 3rd reincarnation is always +1 Racial Action Point, applied to your current racial Enhancement tree (including Iconics).

All accrued bonuses are applied at Level 1 (i.e. immediately after character creation). Bonuses to attributes change the final, but not "base" value; i.e. they do not count for Feat prerequisites, bonus Intelligence does not count toward Skill Points, etc. source

More than 3 Racial Reincarnations with the same race add no further bonuses.

Race F2P? 1st 2nd 3rd
Dragonborn no +1 Spellcraft +1 Charisma +1 Racial Action Point
Drow yes* +1 Search +1 Intelligence
Dwarf yes +1 Balance +1 Constitution
Elf yes +1 Spot +1 Dexterity
Gnome no +1 Use Magic Device +1 Intelligence
Halfling yes +1 Move Silently +1 Dexterity
Half-elf no +1 Diplomacy +1 Charisma
Half-Orc no +1 Intimidate +1 Strength
Human yes +1 Haggle +1 Wisdom
Warforged no +1 Repair +1 Constitution
(* Drow are not available to starting accounts, however they are available "for free" once any character on that server earns 400 favor. Drow and all non-Free-to-play races can be bought in-game via the DDO Store.)

So, a triple racial-completionist would enjoy +2 to Dex, Con, Int & Cha, +1 to Str & Wis, and a bonus of 10 Racial AP, as well as the +1 bonuses to the listed skills.