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Jump (skill)

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Skill jump (skill).png Jump (skill) (Strength)


Determines the maximum height when you are jumping.

Note: Certain side quests can only be accessed with a reasonable Jump skill. Carrying some potions of Jump or receiving the Jump spell can allow you to access these side quests.

There is a soft cap on the Jump skill at 40. Any higher number makes no difference in the height that you can jump while not using Sneak.

When using Sneak, your Jump (and Tumble) skills receive a -20 penalty, so a minimum Jump skill of 21-30 for stealth characters will offset the stealth penalty, with greater benefits to a maximum of 60 (60 with the -20 penalty = 40).

A higher Jump skill decreases the amount of damage you take from falling from great heights much like the Tumble skill, just at a slightly lower percentage, and this does continue to reduce the damage you take past 40.

How to increase your Jump[edit]




  • Jump scrolls & potions - +10 enhancement bonus, 5 minutes duration
  • Lasting Potion of Jumping +20 from the DDO Store, 10 minutes duration

Epic abilities

  • Masked Ball - Tier 2 Fatesinger ability, +20 enhancement bonus, AoE, 4 minutes duration
  • Perfect Balance - Tier 1 Grandmaster of Flowers ability, +6
  • Acrobatic - Tier 1 Shadowdancer ability, +6