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Iconic True Reincarnation

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Non-Iconic characters cannot utilize this option.

To reincarnate into an Iconic, reincarnate as normal for your current character (either Heroic, Racial or Iconic), and select "Iconic" on the character selection screen to build your next life.

To reincarnate out of Iconic lives, you will need to follow the process detailed below at Level 30.


(Mouse-hover to view)
Reincarnation FlowGraph.jpg

Once an Iconic character has reached the level cap (currently level 30), they are able to undergo an Iconic True Reincarnation. This allows the character to be reborn as a more powerful incarnation. Almost everything but the character's name can be changed in this process.

Iconic characters will keep no experience or favor upon creation, will start at level 15 (regardless of VIP or Veteran Status), and require more experience to progress through each level. The first true reincarnation (of any sort) for a character gives a 34-point build, even if the character was initially created as a 28 points. The second and subsequent true reincarnations give a 36-point build. In addition, true reincarnation allows a Premium/F2P character to open quests on a higher difficulty - the first true reincarnation allows the character to open quests on Hard difficulty, and second and subsequent true reincarnations allow the character to open quests on Elite (VIPs can, of course, open all quests at Elite on any character).

If you undergo True Reincarnation, you must wait 3 days before True Reincarnating again (either Heroic or Iconic). You may, however, perform a Lesser Reincarnation immediately after a True Reincarnation, as True Reincarnation is on a timer separate from the timer for Lesser Reincarnation. (That is, of course, provided that you have not also Lesser Reincarnated within 3 days' time.)

Each incarnation will also be physically slightly larger than previous lives. That is, after a single true reincarnation your character will get slightly taller, and after a second true reincarnation, taller again. Further true reincarnation after the second will not make you any taller; a double true reincarnate is roughly 5% taller than a standard non-true reincarnated character.

Iconic True Reincarnation[edit]

  • Loss of all XP (level 30)
  • Loss of all Favor
  • Loss of all quest completions, flagging and raid completion counter
Required item:
Iconic True Heart of Wood.png


  • You don't lose karma during Iconic True Reincarnation.
  • Your character's monster manual deeds will not reset!
  • You do not need to have Epic Destinies.
  • Iconic Past Lives are not required for Epic Completionist.
  • The Iconic True Reincarnation process is the same thing as that for Heroic True Reincarnation, except that you reincarnate from level 30 as one of the Iconic Heroes instead of level 20.
    • This means you start at level 1 and can choose any race, not just one of the Iconic Heroes.
  • If you choose an Iconic Hero, then you can start at any level from 1 to 15; however, you will have enough experience points for level 15 and will not gain experience until you have taken level 14.

Some notes about True Reincarnation:

  1. Your TR cache will be built. If you have any items in it from previous True Reincarnations it will not allow you to TR.
    • You will not lose your items. All of the contents of your backpack and bank are placed in a new bank window called the Reincarnation Cache (remove only). Order of items is not maintained, so don't bother sorting before you reincarnate.
    • The remove-only restriction is not maintained if you are adding things to stacks of that item already in your TR cache; remove stacks from bags before you TR, so you can use your TR cache to store more of those stacks. You do have to remove the whole stack from the TR cache when you actually need to use the item. Split stacks of these items are auto-stacked in TR bank; however, you can place all but one back in your bags to maximize your extra storage abilities. Examples (Maximum stack sizes, if known - Otherwise, normal stack size should be assumed.) include:
    • If you have an Iron Defender or Wolf Companion, the collar and armor they are using will be lost. Remember to remove them before undergoing Reincarnation. (This may no longer be accurate, as people have reported that their companions items appear in their reincarnation withdrawal bank)
  2. Your mailbox is untouched; no need to empty it before True Reincarnation. The same is true of the Auction House.
  3. Your currency is untouched, but if you are Free to Play you will start back at the level 1 currency cap of 1,250 pp and may go 'over cap' and any currency above the cap will be lost if you try to mail or spend it. F2P characters should always be empty of currency before True Reincarnation to avoid this.
  4. Since Update 13, your Tomes, including Tomes of Learning, will persist through reincarnation.
  5. Keep your Sigil of Dal Quor (flagged for Titan raid), Sigil: Frame with additional pieces (partial flagging for Abbot raid), Phiarlan Pendant of Time (fast city travel). All can be used in your new life without having to work for them.
  6. Stock up on potions/scrolls/low level gear if you have a better Haggle now than you will at the start of your new life.
  7. Because your Favor is reset, you will get the 25 bonus DDO Store points every 100 favor again in your new life.
  8. Your backpack resets to 3 bags, and bank to one bag (plus any DDO Store-bought personal backpack/bank bags).
  9. Your quest completions and timers are reset. Many players choose to wait until they get their 20th completion on some raids before TRing, such as The Shroud to get an Essence of Cleansing.
  10. Your spellbook will be cleared.
  11. Important: Export your friends list before reincarnating and import after to prevent loss of comments.
  12. Although you start again on Korthos island like any newly created character, you will receive quest appropriate starter items, but you will not receive founder items, or pre order bonuses again.
A larger list is on the forum here: The Great Big TR Checklist.