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Type: Dragon (List)

Race: Red Dragon (List)

Monster Manual classification: Dragon

Alignment: Unknown

Color Type: Red - Strong Named Enemy

Rare: Yes

CR:  ♦28Normal


Example of Wing Buffet - two robust guildies look like leaves on the wind...they landed off-screen to the right
  • Red Dragon Fire (fire breath attack, can use at range)
  • Shock and Awe (the ground shakes and the world spins...)

Special Qualities: See Invisibility

Habitat: Ruins of Gianthold (epic)

  • Zoarinnia: What's this I see?
  • Zoarinnia: Hmm... You are an adventurer, aren't you? You would have to be very brave to traipse around here in Gianthold. You must have seen your share of battles, saved the day, and reaped your share of rewards. That is what you and your peers do, is it not? Perharps you may be of use to me then. I am Zoarinnia, and I seek the mightiest adventurers in all of Eberron.
    • You: I am <name>, and I and indeed Eberron's mightiest <class>!
      • Zoarinnia: You are? Excellent. So I was correct in assuming that you have the qualifications and resources I seek for the role I have in mind for you.
        • You: What role is that?
          • Zoarinnia: Lunch and treasure delivery vessel. Your pack looks fat with expensive trinkets and gold. (Start battle)
    • You: I am <name>. I have much experience adventuring, but I cannot help you now.
      • Zoarinnia: Strange that an adventurer like you would decline a request for help, especially when so much gold and treasure is at stake. Are you sure you don't want to hear what I have to say, even if I told you it concerns your future?
        • You: My future? How does it concern my future?
          • Zoarinnia: Are you that short-sighted? It affects your future because if you don't do what I want, I eat you and take your treasure.
    • You: I am <name>. I have defeated many of your kind, and I won't hesitate to do it again if you push me.
      • Zoarinnia: You do comprehend who and what you are speaking to, right? You may slay foolish things, but you must be wise enough to realize I'm just going to eat you and take your treasure.
        • You: Prepare to die, Dragon! (Start battle)
    • You: Hi, I'm Cellimas Villuhne. I was just on my way to church to pray for the Kobolds. I'm much too prim and proper to be interesting.
      • Zoarinnia: Well, Miss Villuhne, you won't find any churches around these parts. Although, I'm sure I could still help you. What brings you to Gianthold exactly? One doesn't simply wind up here accidentally.
        • You: Oh, uh, I came here to help stop the Giants and whatever it is they're doing. Because, uh, I like helping Dragons... Yeah.
          • Zoarinnia: Then you should know better than to lie to an angry Red Dragon, Miss Villuhne. Especially one who wants your treasure. (Start battle)
    • You: My name is Jeets Shimis, and I'm just a man about town. I'm really lost, and have no value whatsoever. Perhaps you can direct me to the nearest tavern.
      • Zoarinnia: ???????????????????
  • (While fighting) Zoarinnia: Careful, we wouldn't want to ruin all that nice equipment you have there.