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Name: Brawnpits

Race: Hill Giant

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): A Smaller Problem

Receives Quest(s): The Fall of Truth

Collects: Ancient Giant Totems

Affiliation(s): The Stormreaver


Description: <The Famous>

  • Brawnpits is a hermit hill giant that lives away from the civilization with his nephews, Thum Grim and Nale Grim. You are in charge of inviting him to play the part of The Stormreaver in the show for House Phiarlan. Some time later you find him at Gianthold helping the Stormreaver to fight the Truthful One.

A Small Problem[edit]

Speak to Brawnpits[edit]

While searching for Brawnpits, he actually ends up finding you near the waterfall:

  • Brawnpits: What brings your kind here?
    • You: My feet?
      • Brawnpits: They look tired. Come with me, you can rest at my camp.
        • You: Rest sounds lovely.
    • You: I seek one named Brawnpits.
      • Brawnpits: And seek you shall. But first... you look like you need a rest. Come with me.
        • You: Rest sounds lovely.

Follow Brawnpits[edit]

From there, he will guide you to his camp, complaining in the way.

  • Brawnpits: This way...
  • Brawnpits: What's the rush, kid?
  • Brawnpits: Damn flatlanders....
  • Brawnpits: What has gotten into those animals?
  • Brawnpits: They are so restless lately...
  • Brawnpits: Well, here we are. There are some skins in the tent - you can rest there.

Explain Theater to Brawnpits[edit]

Once you are on his camp, you can question him about your true motives to search him:

  • Brawnpits: So what can old Brawnpits do for ya?
    • You: Do you refer to yourself in third person now, Brawnpits? We didn't even meet properly.
      • Brawnpits: ?????????????????????????
    • You: House Phiarlan sent me here on an important yet delicate mission...
      • Brawnpits: The fancy-prancy Elves want to come back to the Giants and be our slaves again? Not interested. We get along just fine without them.
      • You: Actually...
      • Brawnpits: That reminds me. Every time a little person comes in these parts, they always leave such a mess behind. Don't you people know how to skin your kills properly?
      • Brawnpits: So when a caravan of those Elves went by, they had a tussle with the local Drow tribe and left a pile of corpses for Brawnpits to clean up. Ugh. No respect. No respect for nature, no respect for old people.
      • Brawnpits: Horrible, horrible Elves... what about them?
      • You: Well, they want you to perform for them, in a play, you see, it's the principal role...
      • Brawnpits: The elves want Brawnpits to dance for them?!
      • Brawnpits: Hahahahahahahahahahaha!
      • Brawnpits: ...hahaha!...
      • Brawnpits: ...hah! Does ol' Brawnpits look like a dancer to you, little one?
      • You: You don't know much about theater, do you? (See below: "How much you know about theater?")
    • You: So... how much do you know about theater?
      • Brawnpits: Theeea eater? Hmm. I ate a bag of tea once. It fell off a wooden bird boat that flew too close. I threw a rock at it and the bag fell out. I didn't know what it was, but a friend could read Halfling and said it's tea. Tasted like dry oak leaves. Is that similar?
      • You: No, big guy, theater is nothing like tea.
      • Brawnpits: Hmm. So what does it taste like?
        • You: Theater? It's not something you can taste, Brawnpits. It's something you have to experience.
          • Brawnpits: You'll have to speak plainly, kid. your visit starts to remind me of someone... a year ago, some halfling showed up and told me all sorts of stories, about some other land to the north, cities that scratch the sky, lands filled with pestilence... and as soon as he realized that Brawnpits has nothing worth stealing he was gone. Just like that. Is that what you're after?
          • You: You know, not every Halfling is a scoundrel...
          • Brawnpits: Not every Giant is a half-wit brute. I'm watching you.
          • You: Hey, let's calm everybody down. Let's all take a deep breath... relax... now breathe. All I'm saying is that theater doesn't taste like tea. Are you with me so far?
          • Brawnpits: Hmm. So what does it taste like? (Back to the options list)
        • You: Now that I think about it, it's just like tea. Bitter, confusing... complicated.
          • Brawnpits: And stale. And unoriginal. With a hint of rat droppings. You're speaking my language, friend. So why would you bring this nasty theater business up anyway?
          • You: That's my point exactly. I think you did it wrong. You see, tea is not supposed to be chewed, it's supposed to be brewed, like a stew or a potion. Theater works the same way...
          • Brawnpits: You stir it in the pot until it smells right?
          • You: Almost. All I'm saying is that theater is easy to get wrong, and very hard to get right. People work at it for years and still fail. But it's all worth it in the end.
          • Brawnpits: Hmm. So what does it taste like? (Back to the options list)
        • You: Have you ever told a story to a child and watched their eyes light up with wonder? That's what theater tastes like.
          • Brawnpits: Surely you jest, stranger. Nothing in the world can taste like that. You best not be lying. Brawnpits doesn't like liars. Betty doesn't like liars either.
          • You: Is Betty your dog?
          • Brawnpits: No, Betty is my club right here.
          • You: Erm... ahem, delighted to meet you, ma'am.
          • Brawnpits: Betty's not into you, bub. You can drop that tone right now, she's not that kinda gal.
          • You: This is awkward...
          • Brawnpits: But her spirit is appeased, and your life is your to keep, for now.
          • You: So, let me ask you this... do you like stories?
          • Brawnpits: Brawnpits loves stories. Betty likes them too, but she doesn't talk much. She's more of a listener, you see. And when she does tell a story, it's always the same one. With a really ugly end.
          • You: That's great. I mean, you both like stories, in your own ways. You see, theater is an ancient art of story telling. Theater is a story told by multiple people at once, called actors...
          • Brawnpits: That's silly. If you have people talking over each other, that's just rude and you can't hear anyone. And what if these actors disagree? What then?
          • You: Oh that's not a problem at all. Each actor represents a person in the story - they pretend to be them, and the story comes alive, as they act it out. That's why they're called actors. And to make sure they don't disagree, there's a script - a story written down beforehand.
          • Brawnpits: Interesting. Hmmm.
    • You: (Skip two hours of explanations) Alright, long story short... (skip to "Earn Brawnpits Trust")

Convince Brawnpits to become an actor[edit]

Once Brawpits understand what is theater, you can invite him now:

  • Brawnpits: So these actors... they just sit around and act all day? Do they ever go out and do something real?
    • You: Sure they do. It's a lot of work trying to be someone else; they all have to learn a lot to be convincing.
      • Brawnpits: Do little people ever confuse actors for real people?
      • You: No, theater is a special place. People go there to see stories, there is no confusion between what's real and what's not.
      • Brawnpits: Mmm...
        • You: So I have a proposal for you, Brawpits. How would you like to become an actor?
          • Brawnpits: Heh...
          • You: No, really. Please take me seriously. I think you'd be excellent. (Back to "Mmm...")
        • You: Actors also become famous, because a lot of people get to see them. It's an interesting profession, and a very popular one. You should try it, you might like it.
          • Brawnpits: Now tell me, little one... would Brawnpits spend his days here in solitude if he sought fame?
          • You: So what are you doing here?
          • Brawnpits: I lieve here.
          • You: You don't want to tell me? (Back to "Mmm...")
        • You: Famous actors make a ton of money. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be really rich?
          • Brawnpits: Hah. Look around you, little one. Do you see my home? Do you see anything worth taking from it?
          • Brawnpits: Because if you do, I want you to take it.
          • Brawnpits: Take it and be enslaved by it. Things that we own end up owning us.
          • You: Don't take me for a thief, Brawnpits. I would not take anything of yours. (Back to "Mmm...")
        • You: Actors get to travel a lot, meet new people and see different places, new and old. Have you ever wondered what Sharn looks like?
          • Brawnpits: Anywhere but here, I'd be a stranger in a foreign land. I'd be truly alone.
          • You: As opposed to what? you live here all by yourself!
          • Brawnpits: Hah! Is that what you think, little man?
            • You: What, you think Betty and that pup of yours are good company? (Back to "Mmm...")
            • You: Excuse me?! I'm female! Hmph!
              • Brawnpits: You all smell the same to me.
              • You: That's a very rude thing to say, Brawnpits. (Back to "Mmm...")
        • You: Why don't you just tell me, what would it take for you to become an actor?
          • Brawnpits: Why would Brawnpits do that to himself?
          • You: What do you mean?
          • Brawnpits: From what Brawnpits can tell, actors have no face. They are mirrors of a crowd—a thousand faces all wanting different things. And in that crowd, they shatter, losing themselves. How can you have any friends if you don't have a face?
          • Brawnpits: Actors always travel... and thus, they have no home.
          • Brawnpits: Actors are driven by greed, and as all such, are poor.
          • Brawnpits: But their poverty isn't measured in gold, because money can't measure greatness of one's spirit.
            • You: No, no, no, you got this all wrong!
              • Brawnpits: ??????????????????????????????
            • You: You may be right, but you're also wrong.
              • Brawnpits: That hasn't happened to Brawnpits in a long time, little one. Being wrong, that is. But do tell.
              • You: Actors sacrifice themselves for the art—for the public, not for the gold. Their work is very important, because they teach people to avoid mistakes of the past, to learn from them. Theater makes the world a better place.
              • Brawnpits: You're asking a lot of Brawnpits, then. A great deal more than anyone ever has.
              • You: Is your answer no, then?
              • Brawnpits: I'll consider it... carefully. It'll take time, little one.
              • Brawnpits: See, I don't trust you. But that can change.
              • Brawnpits: You're asking me to change my ways, but you haven't learned them. Let me teach you. Perhaps when you've learned to see the world as I do, we can make better sense of this thee-eater and see if it's worth my time. I am old, and I don't have a lot left.
              • You: So what exactly am I learning now?
              • Brawnpits: I will teach you to speak with the spirits of the valley.
              • You: Alright, so how do I do that? (Objective complete)
            • You: Hey, I didn't tell you any of those things!
              • Brawnpits: Maybe you should stop trying so hard to hide them.
              • You: But... wait... I... how? What?
              • Brawnpits: Have you heard the story about the Demon and the emperor?
                • You: I haven't... why don't you tell me?
                  • Brawnpits: ??????????????????????????
                • You: Oh no, not again. Yes I heard that one, I get it.
                  • Brawnpits: Then I think we both agree that you best leave now, before Betty gets angry.
                  • You: Does Betty get angry every time you're wrong? (See above, "You may be right, but you're also wrong")
    • You: (skip to the chase) Blah, blah, blah...

Earn Brawnpits Trust[edit]

Once you agree with Brawnpits teaching you about the spirits of the valley, he will send you to your first mission:

  • Brawnpits: Patience, grasshopper. First, you need to bring me some clear water from the waterfall to the east of here. But make sure you appease the spirits of rain first.
    • You: Yeah, yeah, yeah, appease the spirits, get the water, I get it.
    • You: Wait, how do I appease the spirits?
      • Brawnpits: Spirits are vain creatures, in so far as they demand respect, just like your elders and other people.
      • Brawnpits: So if you want to take something of theirs, you have to give something back—a token of your esteem.
      • Brawnpits: I've placed an altar on the hill East of the waterfall. If you pray there for a blessing, that should be sufficient. Or you could offer your own limb as a sacrifice—they would accept that. I think praying is more convenient. It's your call.
        • You: Pray at the altar, collect water from waterfall. I got it.

Bring Brawnpits some water[edit]

When you accept the mission, he will say:

  • Brawnpits: Seek the altar near the waterfall to appease the spirits before you take their water! And don't be jumping off that cliff! That water's shallow, you might sprain your ankles.

After taking the mission, you can ask him for more questions:

  • Brawnpits: You look confused. Are you lost? You need to bring me some clear water from the waterfall to the east of here. But make sure you appease the spirits of rain first.
    • You: Yeah, yeah, yeah, appease the spirits, get the water, I get it.
    • You: Wait, how do I appease the spirits? (See above)
    • You: Where is this altar, exactly? There's nothing behind the waterfall!
      • Brawnpits: It's to the left of the waterfall, you have to go around the cliff face to see it. And show some respect to the spirits this time.

If you bring him Cursed water, he will be angry:

  • Brawnpits: What is this smell? What did you do? Why are the spirits so mad at you that they cursed the stream?! Didn't I tell you to appease them, before taking what doesn't belong to you? Tak, tsk.
  • Brawnpits: (Brawnpits pours the water on the ground)
  • Brawnpits: Go back there, and pray for forgiveness at the altar I built behind the waterfall. And don't come back without water blessed by the spirits!
    • You: Where is this altar, exactly? There's nothing behind the waterfall! (See above)
    • You: Go back there? Really?
      • Brawnpits: You'll have to do this right, or not at all.

When you bring him clear water, he will congratulate you:

  • Brawnpits: Ah, that'll do nicely. Your next task, apprentice, is to gather some more rocks for my fire pit.
  • Brawnpits: There aren't a lot of small rocks around here, so you'll have to crush them. Just hold one in your hands like so, and squeeze until you hear it crack.
  • Brawnpits: Keep crushing the pieces until they're roughly the size of your head. I'll need about six.
  • You: What do you think I am, a Giant?
  • Brawnpits: If you wish to commune with spirits, then yours must possess the strength of rock, lest you be driven insane by their whispering voices. Be strong, grasshopper, in body and soul.
  • You: Nuts...
  • Brawnpits: Oh, and don't worry about appeasing the spirits of the rock. They are territorial and will only respect the strength of your challenge, not gifts or sacrifices. Consider their adversity as part of the test.
  • You: Wonderful.

Crush rocks for Brawnpits' heart[edit]

When you accept the mission, he will say:

  • Brawnpits: You'll find many smaller rocks to the west and to the north of my hut. Crush what you can.

After taking the mission, you can ask him for more questions:

  • Brawnpits: You should not be afraid of the rock. It should be the rock that is afraid of you.
  • Brawnpits: If you can't find rocks small enough for you to crush, look harder. You may have to start real small and work your way up.
  • Brawnpits: If the beholder will not go to the mountain, then the mountain will come to the beholder.
    • You: Huh? What am I supposed to be doing?
      • Brawnpits: Crush. Some. Rocks! Just go north of here and look for them!
    • You: Hey. What happened to your dog?
      • Brawnpits: What dog?
      • You: This dog over here! Staring at us.
      • Brawnpits: That's no dog. That's a winter wolf. What about her?
      • You: Didn't she used to be black?
      • Brawnpits: No. Why would she be used to being black?
      • You: Hey, that's not what I asked! You're playing games with me.
      • Brawnpits: If you see a beholder in a cage that is clearly labeled "minotaur", don't believe your eyes.
      • Brawnpits: Your eyes deceive you, grasshopper. You better watch them, or they'll lead you into trouble.
      • You: Thanks for the advice, grandpa.
    • You: Thanks grandpa, that really helps.

When you bring him the six rocks, he will congratulate you:

  • Brawnpits: Ah, splendid. strong enough to do a Giant's job. There's hope for you after all. Did you work up an appetite? I'm asking because I'm going to make some mean stew.
  • Brawnpits: Oh, but I'm almost out of firewood. Since I'm going to cook, that'll be your next job.
    • You: Shouldn't be a problem with all those trees around. I'll be right back.
      • Brawnpits: Oh don't you dare! Last thing I need is a bunch of angry forest spirits... they can get nasty, believe me.
      • Brawnpits: Also, fresh lumber doesn't burn well - it's not dry.
      • Brawnpits: Go look for firewood on the ground - dead branches, fallen trees, that sort of thing.
        • You: Where would you recommend to look first?
          • Brawnpits: If brothers Grim don't have any firewood, check up in the hills northwest of here.
        • You: I saw a couple Giants break camp nearby, think they might have some firewood to spare?
          • Brawnpits: Good idea, why don't you go ask them, and say that I sent you. What a smart kid.
    • You: Let me guess, I'll have to hug each tree, before I cut it down?
      • Brawnpits: And if I hug you before I bash your head open, would that be ok? Last thing I need is a bunch of angry forest spirits... they can get nasty, believe me.
      • Brawnpits: Also, fresh lumber doesn't burn well - it's not dry.
      • Brawnpits: Go look for firewood on the ground - dead branches, fallen trees, that sort of thing.
        • You: Where would you recommend to look first? (See above)
        • You: I saw a couple Giants break camp nearby, think they might have some firewood to spare? (See above)

Collect some firewood for Brawnpits[edit]

After taking the mission, you can ask him for more questions:

  • Brawnpits: Soup's not done yet... go gather more firewood. And see if brothers Grim have any to spare.
    • You: What are you doing?
      • Brawnpits: What it looks like I'm doing?
      • Brawnpits: I'm cooking, of course!
      • You: Ah, my mistake. And here I thought you were dancing up a storm.
      • Brawnpits: Every good soup is a dance, for it must come from the heart!
    • You: Where would you recommend to look first?
      • Brawnpits: If brothers Grim don't have any firewood, check up the hills northwest of here.
    • You: So, what happened to your winter wolf?
      • Brawnpits: What winter wolf?
      • You: The winter wolf! The one you had earlier. Now there's a hyena! Look! It's laughing at me.
      • Brawnpits: Can you blame him?
      • You: Hey!
      • Brawnpits: Oh, don't take it to heart, little one. He's laughing like that at everybody. See, one day his mommy told him that if he keeps making faces he'll end up being stuck like that.
      • Brawnpits: But he didn't listen, and look who's laughing now.
      • You: So, what happened to the wolf?
      • Brawnpits: What wolf?
      • You: The winter wolf!
      • Brawnpits: Magic.
    • You: This spirits! Something is amiss with them...
      • Brawnpits: Mmm. Story time will be after dinner.
    • You: But... I'm hungry...
      • Brawnpits: How's the baby go? Waaah. Go make yourself useful.

When you bring him the firewood, he will congratulate you:

  • Brawnpits: Ah, there we go. That'll last me a while. I'm almost done, too.
  • Brawnpits: Let me put another log in...
  • Brawnpits: What's this smell? Did I burn the stew? No wait, that's you. You look scorched. What happened?
  • You: Heart spirits. You didn't tell me about the Heart spirits. They attacked me for stealing their food.
  • Brawnpits: WHAT?!
  • Spirit of the Heart: One way or another, I will feast tonight! If not on wood, then on flesh!

Seek blessing of the sky spirit[edit]

After you ward off the elementals, he will say:

  • Brawnpits: This is far worse than I thought. These hearth spirits are far from their homes, and that means their hearts were destroyed. First animals, now spirits...
  • Brawnpits: Oh, don't let my worries trouble your little head. Here, have some stew. Glad that didn't get flipped over...
    • You: So you think someone destroyed their homes... on purpose? To drive all of them mad and attack me?
      • Brawnpits: You? Or me? We've too many questions and too few answers. I'll send a messenger to let a friend know of this...
      • Brawnpits: As for you, I have another task. Perhaps the spirit of the sky, who watch over all, might know who's responsible for this. Up on top of one of the spires in this valley is an altar I use to commune with spirits of the sky. Climb that, and seek their blessing and council...
      • Brawnpits: ... and eat your soup!
      • You: Bon appétit!
      • Brawnpits: Eat hearty! You will have a lot of climbing to do to commune with spirits of the sky atop that pillar. This stew will give you strength.
    • You: Hey, this wolf... thing... is staring at me.
      • Brawnpits: That's probably because of something you've done.
      • You: But... but... look at it! It's got beady little eyes, and they're glowing red! This thing is evil! Can't you see?
      • Brawnpits: You still trust your eyes too much, grasshopper.
      • Brawnpits: Tell me, do you often mistake beauty for nobility, wealth for intelligence, strength for bravery, or friendliness for honesty?
      • You: I may have made that mistake in the past, but...
      • Brawnpits: Then you have a lot more to learn, little one.
    • You: Hmm, what's in it?
      • Brawnpits: ?????????????

After taking the mission, you get one extra option to ask him:

  • You: Could you be more specific? Where do I need to go now?
  • Brawnpits: The altar is up above on one of the spires to the north east. But to get there, you first need to go west of here and do some climbing, so you can see where you're going.
  • Brawnpits: And before you do that, have some soup so you can grow strong like Brawnpits.
  • You: Thanks, so eat soup first, then go west, then look east once I climb up. Got it.

Warn Brawnpits of danger[edit]

After you talk to the Spirit of the Sky, and defeat the tiefling attackers, you can make your offer again:

  • Brawnpits: Thanks for saving my life, friend.
  • Brawnpits: I owe you one, and I don't like being in debt. How can I repay it?
  • You: How about you dedicate this life of yours to theater and we call it even?
  • Brawnpits: Brawnpits saw that one coming. Very well, so it shall be done.
  • Brawnpits: What did the spirits of the sky say?
  • You: It's all work of the outsiders, and your life is in danger. I ran as quick as I could...
  • Brawnpits: Mmm. Then we shouldn't linger. More of them are sure on the way.
  • Brawnpits: Lead on, friend. Where you go, Brawnpits will follow, and woe to those who stand in our way.
  • You: This way, Brawnpits. Our caravan is not far from here.
  • Brawnpits: Before we leave, I have something for you. Some supplies for the road, if you will.
  • Brawnpits: There, in my tent - see it? Thought you might like it.
  • You: A chest?! How did I not see that before?
  • Brawnpits: Magic! The thief didn't figure it out either.

Lead Brawnpits to the caravan[edit]

While he is following you, you can talk to him at any time:

  • Brawnpits: This too shall pass.
    • You: Come with me, Brawnpits. Hurry!
      • Brawnpits: I'm going, I'm going. Don't rush me, kid.
    • You: Stay here. I'll cout ahead.
      • Brawnpits: If you say so, big guy.

When you reach the Grim brother's camp, if they are still alive, he will say the following to them:

  • Brawnpits: Thum! Nale!
  • Thum Grim: Get up. Uncle's here.
  • Nale Grim: Uncle?
  • Brawnpits: I've reached a decision. My answer is "Yes, be ready." Go, now.
  • Nale Grim: But... I'm hungry...
  • Thum Grim: Okay, let's pack up the ...
  • Brawnpits: I SAID NOW!
  • Thum Grim: ...
  • Nale Grim: ...
  • Thum Grim: Sheesh...

After that scene, you need to talk to him again:

  • Brawnpits: Glad we got here in time to send them off.
  • Brawnpits: I didn't want my nephews giving up their lives for me. They're young, they have a lot to live for.
  • Brawnpits: Did you hear that? Tieflings are closing in on us.
  • You: You sure you didn't want their help?
  • Brawnpits: How would I look their parents in the eye, if I lived and they didn't?
  • Brawnpits: Listen, I had these two bums guarding a cache of children's toys - my grandchildren, in fact, but I think you might find something useful in there of somewhere. Grab what you can and let's keep moving.
  • You: Holiday presents?
  • Brawnpits: Let's hope you find something useful.

When you reach the Grim brother's camp, if you fought and killed them, he will ask you:

  • Brawnpits: Hmm... they're gone. How odd. Left most of their things too. In a hurry...
  • Brawnpits: There's been fighting. Small feet tracks... must've been tieflings... dragging them away. It's all my fault.
    • You: (Lie) Come on, big guy, chin up. If you were with them, you would've died too. We have to keep moving.
      • Brawnpits: ?????????????
    • You: We've got no time for this, Brawnpits. This place is crawling with tieflings.
      • Brawnpits: Yes, yes... goodbye, my dear nephews. You've fought well on your last day.

House Phiarlan Enclave[edit]

After being rescued by you, Brawnpits can be seen at the Livewood Threater, playing as the Stormreaver, in the place of Arganon.

Ruins of Gianthold[edit]

Brawnpits can be found randomly in the epic version of the Ruins of Gianthold while looking for giant relics. He bestows the random encounter A Smaller Problem.

The Fall of Truth[edit]

Brawpits can be found dancing around the Stormreaver at the start.


After you destroy the Truthful One, you can complete the raid talking to him:

  • Brawnpits:

After completing the raid and getting the reward, if you talk to him again, he will say:

  • Brawnpits: