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Livewood Theater/The Fall of Truth

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The events starts with a bunch of dead giants, with The Stormreaver standing alone in the midst of the corpses.

  • The Stormreaver: So, this is how the Great Giant Empire is undone...
  • The Stormreaver: Our invincible Giant army has been brought to its knees.
  • The Stormreaver: Now the Quori, invaders from the Plane of Nightmares, will overrun all of Eberron.

At this moment, a dragon arrives on the scene. It looks like a white dragon.

  • The Truthful One: I had heard that the Stormreaver is the greatest hero the Giant Empire has to offer.
  • The Truthful One: Even in my home of Argonessen, tales are told of the Stormreaver.
  • The Truthful One: But are you truly he, to surrender so easily?
  • The Stormreaver: Bite your tongue, Dragon! Who are you to question my resolve?
  • The Truthful One: It is good to see that you still have spirit.
  • The Truthful One: I am called the Truthful One, and I have come to help you drive away the Quori.
  • The Stormreaver: And how will you help us?
  • The Stormreaver: Will the Dragons of Argonessen finally send an army?
  • The Truthful One: The Quori cannot be defeated by armies.
  • The Truthful One: We must unlink the Plane of Nightmares from Eberron.
  • The Truthful One: And that ritual will require sacrifices... your life and mine!
  • The Stormreaver: So be it.

The scenery fades. When it returns, The Stormreaver and The Truthful One are facing a Mindsunder crystal.

  • The Truthful One: Through this vessel, we shall perform the deed.
  • The Truthful One: Now, channel your life force into the crystal!
  • The Stormreaver: I give my life for the Empire!

Both characters starts to channel energy to the crystal, and then fall to the ground. A few seconds later, the dragon rises.

  • The Truthful One: Thank you for your valiant sacrifice... foolish Giant.
  • The Truthful One: But do not fear—when Eberron is in danger once more...
  • The Truthful One: ... the Stormreaver shall return!
  • The Truthful One: So says the Prophecy.
  • The Truthful One: Until we meet again, Stormreaver

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