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Update 37 Hotfix Release Notes

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The DDO game worlds will be unavailable on Saturday, 7:00 AM - 11:00 AM Eastern (-5 GMT) for a hotfix.

This hotfix is being actively worked on, so there is some chance the hotfix will be postponed.

Here are the things we are working to fix:

  • Correct an issue where the examination window will sometimes get wider over time.
  • Fix an issue where the Keystone would not consistently spawn in the quest Invitation to Dinner.
  • Correct an issue with The Mist wall in Raven's Bane that could prevent players from progressing past Baleful.
  • Lowered the number of wolves that spawn in Fresh-baked Dreams.
  • Correct typos in Fresh-baked Dreams.
  • Remove an energy drain spell attack in Fresh-baked Dreams and Mad Tea Party.
  • No longer allow Dimension Door to be cast in the quest Mad Tea Party due to the spell sometimes breaking the quest.
  • No longer having the quest Sealed in Amber sometimes get a PvP flag activated.
  • Fix an issue where the wrong level weapon would be bestowed to a player as part of the weapon giver encounter in the Barovian wilderness area.
  • Resolve some issues where effects were stacking incorrectly over time (aka - "stacking effects bugs").
  • Fix an issue where a Half elf Vistani Knife Fighter would sometimes display in a T-Pose.
  • Provide instructions in their tool tips on how to use Sentience Toolkits, Destroyers, and Jewels.
  • Correct an issue in Assault on the Aerie of the Slave Lords where Madam Eva would not move to open the secret passage, making the quest not able to be completed.
  • Correct an issue where Grave Wrappings, Antipode, and the level 20 and 24 versions of Amaunator Ascetic's Handwraps were not Accepting Sentience.
  • Correct an issue where the Arcane Archer Critical Multiplier was not applying consistently.
  • Legendary Memory of Fine Regalia now appears with its correct Spell Power and Spell Critical values. This does not correct items already acquired; we hope to correct these items in an upcoming patch.
  • The end chest in Amber Temple now spawns whether you draw Strahd's attention or not. However, drawing his attention will earn you an extra regular chest.
  • Fixed effect bugs with the Crypt Raider, Beacon of Magic, and Adherent of the Mists sets.