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The Voyage

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Requires access to: Veteran Status
The Voyage
Level rangeIcon tooltip.pngBeing outside this level range means the quest either can't be bestowed or can't be completed.: 1-7
XP:  ♣40,000Solo/Casual
Journal section: Korthos Island
Takes place in: The Airship "Heart of Wind"
NPC contact: Thealeh Auryath


With any Veteran Status, this "quest" starts automatically when you create a new level 1 character and enter the game.

Spoiler Warning: Spoiler material below this point!

Bestowal conditions

If an account has unlocked Veteran Status I or II, after creating a new character and enter the game, but before entering public game world, new characters will appear on what looks like a small Guild airship, the "Heart of Wind", with several NPCs.


  • Speak with Thealeh Auryath
  • Tell her about your adventures (level up)
  • Finish your story with Thealeh (finish leveling)
  • Train your enhancements with Thealeh
  • Claim your belongings from the minotaur crewman
  • Speak with the Captain to arrive in Stormreach

Complete Journal text

  • Speak with Thealeh Auryath about your life in Khorvaire.
  • Tell Thealeh about your further adventures.
  • Tell Thealeh yet more about adventures.
  • Talk to Thealeh one more time to train your enhancements.
  • Claim your belongings from the minotaur crewman.
  • Speak with the Captain to arrive in Stormreach.
  • You have completed your voyage and have begun your adventures.

Tips and Misc

Getting your new character started

  • The NPC on the forward deck of the ship, Thealeh, acts as a universal trainer, and allows you to choose to advance to either Level 4 (if you have unlocked Veteran Status I) or to Level 7 (if you have unlocked Veteran Status II) before entering the game world. She also allows you to abandon this option and start as a Level 1 character in Korthos.
  • You can also spend action points on enhancements after you are done leveling.
  • Once you're done leveling and spending action points, talk to the minotaur crewman to get starter gear - (Veteran Status I Starter Items) or (Veteran Status II Starter Items depending on your earlier selection. Multi-class characters may select which package they want to receive, from any class in their build.
  • Talk to the ship's captain to arrive in Stormreach at the top of Falconer's Spire in the northern Marketplace.
  • The "quest" ends here. However, you immediately get a new journal entry Sail to Stormreach.

Additional Notes

  • Important: This "quest" requires a brand new, non-Iconic character. If you do anything tampering with that state (like consuming an XP token from the Daily Dice rolls) before speaking to Thealeh the first time and acquiring the initial XP, the "quest" with enter an error state and only send you to the Marketplace abandoning all benefits you may receive within.
  • Unlike a normal Guild Airship, it is not possible to fall or jump off the sides. Also, there is no "below deck" area.
  • On the character selection screen, unfinished new characters will show a location of The Airship "Heart of Wind".


Veteran Status I Starter Items or Veteran Status II Starter Items depending on your earlier selections.