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The Path to Madness

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The temple is somewhere in this forest. Rumors have it the entrance has been warded by several powerful wizards.

The Path to Madness
Heroic level: 8
Epic level: None
Duration: Short
Heroic XP:  ♣327Icon tooltip.pngSolo/Casual ♦689Icon tooltip.pngNormal ♥724Icon tooltip.pngHard ♠758Icon tooltip.pngElite
Epic XP: N/A
Takes place in: The Path to Madness
Bestowed by: Gatekeeper Chulkash
NPC contact: Gatekeeper Chulkash
Quest acquired in: House Jorasco
Patron: House Jorasco
Base favor: 3
Free to Play: Yes
Extreme Challenge: No
M path to madness.png
Loading screen


  • This quest is the entrance to the Xorian Cipher quest. Despite being a very short entrance quest, it has a favor reward and an adventure compendium entry.

Spoiler Warning: Information below this point can be considered spoiler material!


  • Use the altar to enter the temple
  • Slay the 2 drow scorpions to drop the barrier
  • (Optional) Slay the sirens of insanity +9% Bonus.( ♣29 ♦62 ♥65 ♠68 )

What to Expect

  • Spawning/respawning monsters
  • Contains the entrance to another quest (to The Xorian Cipher)

Tips and Misc

You will enter this quest and run through the jungle. Have everyone run all the way, just follow the path, to the altar and fight all the skeletons and casters in one spot. The enemy casters and skeletons will be a little slow so be patient and they will all eventually show up.

The cultists use the poison spell very frequently; so have restoration and poison potions or spells.

Attacking the drow scorpion bosses will spawn more cultists. The bosses can dispel and heal.

There is one shrine just next to the altar, and one chest to be looted.

To finish the quest, click the altar. It will show a warning that you're about to leave the quest and face a reentry penalty, but you can ignore it and click yes. This will finish the quest. You can then proceed to Xorian Cipher or cancel and click Finish to return to house J.

Unlike most quests, you do not need to "return" this quest to anyone to conclude it and there is no NPC reward.

External links

Bonus XP

  • Devious bonus: 2 or fewer monsters killed +7% Bonus.( ♣23 ♦48 ♥51 ♠53 )
  • Onslaught bonus: 23 or more monsters killed +15% Bonus.( ♣49 ♦103 ♥109 ♠114 )
  • Conquest bonus: 28 or more monsters killed +25% Bonus.( ♣82 ♦172 ♥181 ♠190 )


  • Chests: 1
    • 1 at the end
  • Collectables: 1
    • Adventurer's Pack by the sirens
  • NPC rewards: None


Name(picture) CR Type Race
Boneshrieker Harrier(view)
Boneshrieker Harrier.jpg
 ♠13Icon tooltip.pngElite Undead Skeleton
Boneshrieker Legionnaire(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♠13Icon tooltip.pngElite Undead Skeleton
Boneshrieker Savant(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♠14Icon tooltip.pngElite Undead Skeleton
Drow Scorpion Cleric(view)
Drow Scorpion Cleric.jpg
 ♦10Icon tooltip.pngNormal Aberration Drow Scorpion
Drow Scorpion Wizard(view)
Drow Scorpion Wizard.jpg
 ♦10Icon tooltip.pngNormal Aberration Drow Scorpion
Siren of Insanity(view)
Siren of Insanity.jpg
CRs missing! Elf Drow Elf
Xorian Fanatic(view)
Xorian Fanatic.png
CRs missing! Elf Drow Elf
Zealot of Madness(view)
Zealot of Madness.jpg
 ♥9Icon tooltip.pngHard Elf Drow Elf

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