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Spirit Binder

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Spirit binder icon.png

Spirit Binders are people around the game that will keep track of your soul, and after you die, if you choose so, will be resurrected at that place. That location will then be considered your bind point. You can change your bind point at any time by talking to the Spirit Binder in your newly desired location. Usually, Spirit Binders are clerics of the Silver Flame (in Eberron) and Amaunator (In Forgotten Realms), but there are exceptions. Every tavern in the public areas have a Spirit Binder inside. The Banquet Hall guild ship amenity also has a spirit binder that will make your guild ship your bind point. If you do not create a bind point with a Spirit Binder, and if you die, you will be resurrected at the first public area you entered after your character's most recent creation or reincarnation. Heroic True Reincarnation will clear the bind point from your past life. You will need to see a Spirit Binder again to create a new one.

Dialogue options[edit]

With a few exceptions, every spirit binder have the same two dialogue options:

  • Can you preserve my life if I die in battle?
    • This option will bind you soul to the place this spirit binder is located. It will require confirmation.
  • Can you cure me of various ailments?
    • This will give you options to pay the cleric to cast on you:
    • After you amass 75 Silver Flame favor, these prices are halved.
    • These are mostly unnecessary in the current game. At launch, the first three ailments on the list were permanent until cured. Now, all of them are temporary. An exception is Mummy Rot which is still permanent and requires a Remove Curse followed by a Remove Disease.

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