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Ortolan Thoom

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Ortolan Thoom.jpg

Name: Ortolan Thoom

Race: Halfling

Gender: Male

Location: Zawabi's Refuge, Southeast from Raff's Watering Hole

Description: <Potion and Spell Reagent Vendor>


Zawabi's Refuge[edit]

Anytime you approach him, he will say:

  • Ortolan Thoom: Hi-ho, friend! Stay a spell and chat with me. In the market for eye of newt, tongue of bat? Or perhaps an unguent, salve or elixir to get you back on your feet?
    • You: I need to buy magical supplies. (Open shop)
    • You: Do you know much about the djinni and other outsiders? (randomly says one of the following options)
      • Ortolan Thoom: Zawabi the djinni is powerful, even for one of his kind. But he's a prisoner here; a victim of an even mightier spell cast by some long-dead wizard. Jaidene insists that the wizard lives to this day, but that's hard to believe. He'd be over a thousand years old!
      • Ortolan Thoom: Ortolan holds up a glass jar filled with cloudy fluid. Inside is a clawed hand, severed at the wrist. Take a look at this little gem! I bought it off some rube for twenty plat... he thought it was a gnoll paw. I looked it over, took samples and consulted some of my colleagues back in Sharn. The verdict? It's the left hand of a rakshasa. An astounding find! Now that raises a troubling question: where's the owner?
      • Ortolan Thoom: I was out gathering plant nectar for my potions—a difficult endeavor in and of itself—and I saw a gnoll raiding party marching across the eastern rift. They were led by some awful creature. I couldn't see much but it looked like a gnoll. But it was coal-black and carried a flaming sword. My divination magic revealed an aura of pure evil, worse than any of its gnollish brethren.
      • Ortolan Thoom: The demoness is... well, I'm not sure what she is. You hear different things and it's hard to make your way through the lies, half-truths and rumors, you know? Best I can tell she's big and powerful and adept with illusion magic. They call her 'Queen of Six Swords,' if that means anything to you.
      • Ortolan Thoom: I'm sure you've seen a mephit before, yes? Of course you have. Nasty, bothersome little flappy things! Menechtarun has its share of pests but these are a bit different. They'll call up sandstorms or clouds of dust to blind you. One will sap your strength and leave your flesh as withered and dry as a mummy's eye. Another can burn you with the heat of the sun. Be careful out there.
        • You: Fascinating. What else can you share? (He says another random text from above)
        • You: I need to buy magical supplies. (Open shop)
        • You: Thanks for the help. (walk away)
    • You: Do you know the history of the Demon Sands?
      • Ortolan Thoom: History? Nope. I haven't been here that long myself. Raff hears all sorts of stuff from travelers... he hasn't anything better to do. That blue-faced barbarian seems to know the lay of the land better'n most. You want to know ghost stories and tall tales, talk to Jaidene. She's a pip, that one. A real pip!
        • You: Thanks for the help. (walk away)