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Jaidene Forgemaiden

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Jaidene Forgemaiden.jpg

Name: Jaidene Forgemaiden

Race: Dwarf

Gender: Female

Location: Zawabi's Refuge, near Raff's Watering Hole

Description: <Expert Equipment Repair>

Zawabi's Refuge[edit]

Anytime you approach her, she will say:

  • Jaidene Forgemaiden: You look like something the tharaak dragged in. Been out in the desert, have you? Or is wear n' tear from your adventures elsewhere? Either way, let me know what you need done and I'll get to work. Name's Jaidene. I'm the resident craftsmith.
    • You: Can you replace or repair my equipment?
      • Jaidene Forgemaiden: My apprentices inside the shop take care of most repairs. I focus on weapons and armor only. It's not that jewelry and such aren't worth my time, it's just that I'm a bit of an artist and I like the feel of leather and steel, understand?
        • You: I guess I'll let your apprentices work on my gear. (Open shop)
        • You: Money's no concern. I want my weapons and armor fixed right, by a professional.
          • (If you have less than 400 Free Agents favor, this is your only option)
            • Jaidene Forgemaiden: I don't do this for the money, friend. I do it because I have fire in my heart and steel in my blood. Keep your money. Perhaps if you were a Hero of the People I could see my way to fixing you up but until then, I need to get back to my work.
          • (If you have 400 or more Free Agents favor, your option changes to this)
            • Jaidene Forgemaiden: Won't take no for an answer, eh? Well give me one good reason why I should drop what I'm doing and fix your busted armor?
            • You: My friend Capshaw said you were the best. It's that simple.
            • Jaidene Forgemaiden: Jaidene sighs and runs a calloused hand through her hair. Aye, I am the best. And if Capshaw sent you all the way to Menechtarun to see me then how can I say no? Just don't tell anyone or else I'm liable to be inundated with greenhorns and their rusty chainmail.
              • You: I appreciate it. (Open repair shop)
        • You: I guess I'll let your apprentices work on my gear. (Open shop)
    • You: You sound as if you've seen your share of action. (randomly says one of the following options)
      • Jaidene Forgemaiden: There's an old shrine out there, built into the side of a cliff to the east. Someone's buried there, someone who committed a great crime. That's the tale, anyway. If you think you can handle it, I say go there and see what you find. Bring friends... the shrine isn't entirely empty.
      • Jaidene Forgemaiden: Ortolan bought a severed gnoll paw from some travelers and it got me to thinking. Why? I mean, what's so special about some smelly gnoll paw? Let me unwrap my old battleaxe and I'll get you a baker's dozen of the filthy things. By the Forge, I'll march down to Windlasher Canyon and carve me some gnollhide...
      • Jaidene Forgemaiden: I used to do what you do. Wander the countryside in search of adventure, the whole hero bit. well, I met Quilli a few months ago on the Restless Isles and she brought me here to retire. Those were exciting times but I'm glad they're behind me.
      • Jaidene Forgemaiden: People come here to mine the desert for gold, gems and what-not. Problem is, they don't count on the gnolls that got here first and set up shop. I say let the gnolls dig it out for you and just take it from them! Simple and direct, that's the best method says I.
        • You: Tell me another of your stories. (She says another random text from above)
        • You: Can you replace or repair my equipment? (See above)
        • You: I'll leave you to your work. (Walk away)
    • You: You must know a lot of folks here.
      • Jaidene Forgemaiden: Not likely. They come to me to fix a broken strap or a snapped bowstring. hammer out a dent or patch a staved in shield. Truth be told I prefer to be alone most of the time. That's why I left my guild and escaped to this desolate place. Raff the bartender? That's the person you should talk to if you want to know the local gossip.
        • You: I'll leave you to your work. (Walk away)