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Farmer (Cerulean Hills).jpg

Name: Farmer

Race: Human

Gender: Male


Description: Farmers produce the food necessary to feed the masses living in cities like Stormreach. Living outside the city walls, they often take the brunt of any raiding that occurs.

The Ceurlean Hills[edit]

Three farmers attempting to till the land through an orc invasion. They carry large scythes and actively attack any hostile creature in sight. However, they will perish without help.

Farmer #1:

  • Farmer: Don't stray too far from town.
  • Farmer: They say the orcs are taking captives around here and holding them for ransom. Lucky for me I'm flat broke!
  • Farmer: There used to be lots of folks farming these hills. Now there's just a few of us left.

Farmer #2:

  • Farmer: My crops will fetch a pretty penny in town ... if the orcs don't burn them first.
  • Farmer: The crops are coming along fine. I just hope I stay alive to harvest them!
  • Farmer: Watch out for orcs.
  • Farmer: Watch your back.
  • Farmer: Careful. There are plenty of orc and bugbear raiders around these parts.

Farmer #3:

  • Farmer: The orcs and bugbears have made it just about impossible to farm these parts.
  • Farmer: We're in sight of the city walls and the guard won't lift a finger to protect us from the orcs. It's a scandal!
  • Farmer: I've farmed these hills for years but I'm thinking of giving it up. It's too dangerous!

The Wayward Lobster[edit]

Five farmers are sharing a table in the Wayward Lobster. They have the exact same dialogue as the Refugees on Lighthouse Island even when it doesn't make sense.

  • Farmer: I'm getting a fresh start in Stormreach. Can you believe it? Well, a new start as soon as the guards let me through.
  • Farmer: When we were arriving on the ship, we saw the "Emperor" statue before we could see the city itself. That's what they say, everyone sees the Emperor first.
  • Farmer: The guards say a dragon was sinking ships headed to Stormreach, but then a powerful adventurer defeated it. Guess I owe my life to that adventurer.
  • Farmer: My brother lives in Stormreach. He says I can stay with him until I get my feet under me.
  • Farmer: My da used to tell me stories of Stormreach, of the great Coin Lords and mighty adventurers...
  • Farmer: My word, did you see that thing flying around? That's one of those new airships! One day, I'm going to own my own airship!
  • Farmer: I'm so glad to be on solid ground again! The voyage here nearly made me retch up my stomach!
  • Farmer: I thank the Sovereign Host that Stormreach is taking in refugees. I don't know what I would have done otherwise.
  • Farmer: My home in Khorvaire got destroyed in the Last War. I'm hoping to make a new home here in Stormreach.