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Laina the Excoriated

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Laina the Excoriated.jpg

Name: Laina the Excoriated

Race: Halfling

Gender: Female

Location: The Foothold

Description: Spirit Binder, Tavernkeep

Sells: Food and drinks, buys/repairs equipment.

The Foothold[edit]

When you first arrive at the foothold, she will say you the following:

  • Laina: Laine refuses to meet your eyes. I want no visitors from Stormreach. Unless you strike a bargain with Karn, you are nothing to me.

After you pay for the services of Karn Cold-Trail and his group, she will say:

  • Laina: Karn says you are to be treated as a member of our party. This strikes me as stupid, but the dwarf is our leader—if he sells our secrets to every stranger from Stormreach, who am I to argue? If you are hungry or thirsty, I will sell you food and drink. If the ogres catch you and smash in your skull, I will try to restore you to life. But do not ask me to approve of Karn's carelessness or count you as a friend.
    • You: I would like to purchase rations from you. (Open shop)
    • You: Please resurrect me here if I fall in battle (Bind spirit)
    • You: (Diplomacy) You are a healer? What are you doing in this corner of the world?
      • Laina: (If you have a score of 8 or lower) I live here because I despise the curiosity of strangers. Ironic that I still have to put up with the likes of you, isn't it?
      • Laina: (If you have a score of 10 or higher) Laina sighs. If you must know, I was once a dragonmarked healer of House Jorasco. I refused to obey my elders, and I healed a criminal from whom Jorasco preferred death. For this, I was excoriated and cast out, my dragonmark carved from my skin! Such was the mercy that my House showed to me. I will repay them for it, someday....