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Issabet Tremont

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Issabet Tremont.jpg

Name: Issabet Tremont

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): Lost at Sea

Receives Quest(s): Lost at Sea

Affiliation(s): The Free Agents


Description: <Vaunt Arcanotechnic Ltd.>

Notes: A senior employee of Vaunt Arcanotechnic, Issabet invites the party to Sharn after they help her in Lost at Sea, as she believes her employer may know the current whereabouts of the stolen Sharn Beacon. Unfortunately, she is unaware that Lucian Vaunt stole the beacon himself, and her good intentions see her become the first test subject of Vaunt's sinister new invention = the Soul Splitter. Though she survives the initial blast, she appears to die shortly after the party rescue her from members of the Fallen.

After Vaunt's spectacular on-stage death at the Skyway Odeum, the party have an unexpected meeting with Issabet when they discover the prototype Soul Splitter, with her soul still trapped inside, in the hands of Fathom Endeavours. They can then transfer her into Dorris's temporarily vacant body while they work on escaping the warship.

Just Business[edit]

Image of Issabet on Soarsled
Issabet on Soarsled (Just Business)

Bug: Focus circle of Issabet shows a goblin standing on a Soarsled

  • Issabet as shown in focus orb in Just Business