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Soarsled in focus orb

Soarsleds are interactable objects in some Sharn quests that grant your character a temporary ability to fly.

Trivia: While Fly is a classic PnP spell, in DDO, flying is generally not available; most quests are simply not designed for flying player characters.


Soarsleds appear as glowing green disks.



Unpiloted soarsleds are interactable objects. To mount one, interact with it (either by clicking on it directly or by selecting it and using the 'interact' key).

Once mounted, the soarsled will allow the PC to move around independently of the floor. This works like swimming (angle up and down to climb and descend), but the PC can move and fight normally. Be careful - abilities that trigger on hitting the floor, such as thrown flasks, will not function properly if the target is on a soarsled.

Each mounted soarsled lasts for 4 minutes, at which point it will vanish and the PC will fall. The timer can be reset by interacting with another soarsled.

Sources of soarsleds[edit]

  • You can find a few soarsleds simply on the ground.
  • Soarsleds can be piloted by enemy monsters. When these enemies are killed, the soarsled descents to the floor and can be mounted by a PC.

Quests with soarsleds[edit]

The following quests feature soarsleds:

Anniversary Party (14th) • Just Business • The Underlane Assignment


Sharn, the City of Towers, is located in manifest zone of Syrania. It is this manifest zone that makes flying magic more available and potent.

Other locations with flight[edit]