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Gatekeeper Chulkash

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Gatekeeper Chulkash.jpg

Name: Gatekeeper Chulkash

Race: Hobgoblin

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): The Xorian Cipher

Affiliation(s): The Gatekeepers

Location: House Jorasco Enclave, in the extreme northeast of the enclave

House Jorasco Enclave[edit]

If you try to talk to him while at level 4 or lower, he will reply:

  • Gatekeeper Chulkash: The weather in Xen'drik is unlike that of my native Khorvaire. Yet the clouds weave the same patterns in the sky, and the rain whispers the same secrets in my ears. Wherever a druid's path leads, he is always at home.

If you are at level 5 or higher, however, he will reply:

  • Gatekeeper Chulkash: I am Chulkash, an aspirant of the Gatekeepers. The druids of my sect have long defended Eberron against incursions from Xoriat, the plane of madness. I have journeyed here from distant Khorvaire seeking the meaning of a vexing prophecy. So far, my search has been in vain....
    • You: What do you hope to learn in Xen'drik?
      • Gatekeeper Chulkash: I seek to unravel a prophecy that was discovered by the Gatekeepers in the aage of the daelkyr invasion. It is written in the incoherent language of insanity. However, our elders believe that a cult of Xoriat has grown active in Xen'drik, and that this cult possesses a cipher from the plane of madness itself. This cipher may unlock secrets that have baffled the Gatekeepers for nine thousand years!
      • You: Perhaps I could retrieve the cipher for you.
      • Gatekeeper Chulkash: Chulkash looks surprised. Your offer is courageous, but this is no simple mission of theft. The cult of Xoriat may seek to open a gate to the plane of madness—or even to bring Xoriat coterminous with Eberron, which would bring disaster on us all! I came seeking the Xoriat Cipher, but I must not leave until the cult's work is also undone. Are you prepared to shatter their schemes in the name of the Gatekeepers?
      • You: Whatever the cult of Xoriat has built, I will strive to destroy.
      • Gatekeeper Chulkash: Chulkash nods solemnly. Then I will entrust my quest to you—at least until it becomes clear that you have failed. Remember, you are not fighting for the Gatekeepers, or even for yourselves. You are fighting to preserve nature from the ravages of insanity. Go with the blessings of the wild, find the Cipher that we have sought for so long, and return victorious.
        • You: We shall go at once. (Bestow quest)
    • You: Can you tell me more about the Gatekeepers?
      • Gatekeeper Chulkash: Nine thousand years ago, the insane daelkyr and their minions invaded Eberron from Xoriat. Only the Gatekeepers stood fast against the daelkyr, severing the connections to Xoriat before eberron was wholly overrun by chaos. Today, we still watch the signs and portents, defend the dimensional seals, and ensure that the forces of madness are never again loosed on Eberron.
        • You: What do the Gatekeepers hope to achieve in Xen'drik? (See above)

Talking to him after acquiring the quest, but before completion, will make he say:

  • Gatekeeper Chulkash: The journey to the cultist-infested temple starts on the path behind me. Be steadfast in your arms! You must retrieve the Xoriat Cipher, and you must destroy any progress the cult has made towards opening a new gate.

On completion of quest, he will congratulate you with the following:

  • Gatekeeper Chulkash: Chulkash's eyes grow wide. Yes, this is the Xoriat Cipher that my master sensed from distant khorvaire. I can feel both madness and sanity locked within it, striving for dominance... a key to the meaning of madness itself, if I am wise enough to solve its mysteries! The Gatekeepers will honor you for your deeds, <name>.

After completing the quest and take the reward, if you talk to him again, he will reply:

  • Gatekeeper Chulkash: The Coriat Cipher is forged from trickery and deceit. Yet, compared to the daelkyr prophecy I am studying, it is sanity itself! I hope that I am strong enough to withstand whatever knowledge the prophecy reveals. In any case, my studies will take years; I will no longer be an aspirant, but a full-fledged Gatekeeper, by the time your victory bears fruit.
  • You: May your research preserve the sanity of Eberron.