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Fernia symbol seen in Stealer of Souls quest



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Fernia.png Fernia, The Sea of Fire is one of the Planes of Eberron.

The plane of Fernia is comprised almost entirely of liquid flame. Fire constantly rages, without the need for air, and what little air exists ripples with the heat of continual firestorms. A large landmass of ash is said to sit at the center of Fernia. On it is the mythical City of Brass, where the efreeti call home.

Fernia is one of the planes with the shortest conterminous cycle with Eberron, doing so every five years. It is always in opposition to Risia.

Game Server[edit]

History shield-book-sword.png
History shield-book-sword.png
This page is about a server that no longer exists in-game.  It has been replaced by Ghallanda in the server merge on August 6, 2007.
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Fernia was an American server that was merged with Ghallanda on August 6, 2007.

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