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Transmutes natural matter around you into Goodberries. Goodberries are infused with primal magic, and provide a full meal's nourishment. If eaten in a tavern, they act as tavern food and drink, refilling your health and spell points. When cast, Goodberries appear in your inventory. The higher the caster level, the more nourishing the Goodberries are.


You can activate this ability at the cost of 5sp to create 5 Goodberries in your inventory. Like conjured ammunition, goodberries are destroyed when you log out.

As the description mentions, eating goodberries in the tavern speeds your recovery of HP and spell points, just as if you had bought and consumed some food and drink. The potency of the goodberries increases alongside druid levels.

A druid at level 2 produces Goodberries that provide the following effects while in a tavern:

  • Well fed II (90 to 120 hp over 3 minutes)
  • Quenched II (160 sp over 2 minutes)
  • Oiled I (90 hp over 3 minutes if Warforged)
  • Lubricated I (480 sp over 2 minutes if Warforged)

A druid at level 11 produces Goodberry Cobblers

  • Well Fed / Quenched VI
  • Oiled / Lubricated III

A druid at level 20 produces Greatberry Pies that provide the following effects while in a tavern:

  • Well Fed X (500 hp over 1 minute)
  • Quenched X (2500 sp over 1 minute)
  • Oiled IV (450 hp over 1 minute if Warforged)
  • Lubricated IV (2500 sp over 1 minute if Warforged)

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