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Category:Monsters in Rainbow in the Dark

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Rainbow in the Dark

Name(picture) CR Type Race
 ♦18Normal ♥22Hard ♠28Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Ancient Fire Elemental(view)
Ancient Fire Elemental.png
 ♠19Elite Elemental Fire Elemental
Ancient Stone Golem(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
 ♠23Elite Construct Golem
Bearded Devil(view)
Bearded Devil.jpg
 ♦15Normal ♠20Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Dense Stone Earth Elemental(view)
MonsterArt EarthElemental official.jpg
 ♠23Elite Elemental Earth Elemental
Elder Beholder(view)
Elder Beholder.jpg
 ♦17Normal ♥19Hard ♠22Elite Aberration Beholder
Ferocious Rust Monster(view)
Ferocious Rust Monster.png
 ♠21Elite Aberration Rust Monster
Fiend Blood Troglodyte(NoPic)
No pic.jpg
Depending on Area Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiend-Blood Scorpion(view)
Fiend-Blood Scorpion.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♠17Elite Magical Beast Scorpion
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Ranger(view)
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Ranger.jpg
 ♦15Normal ♠22Elite ♥22Epic Hard ♠34Epic Elite Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Stalker(view)
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Stalker.jpg
 ♦15Normal ♠22Elite Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Theurge(view)
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Theurge.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♠23Elite Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Warmaster(view)
Fiend-Blood Troglodyte Warmaster.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♠23Elite Reptilian Troglodyte
Fiend-Blood Troll(view)
Fiend-Blood Troll.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♠23Elite Giant Troll
Fierce Rust Monster(view)
Fierce Rust Monster.png
 ♠18Elite Aberration Rust Monster
Gelatinous Cube(view)
Gelatinous Cube.jpg
 ♦18Normal ♠6/23Elite Ooze Gelatinous Cube
 ♦18Normal ♥22Hard ♠26Elite Aberration Beholder
 ♦15Normal ♥12Hard ♠20/29Elite Evil Outsider Devil
Spotted Twilight Hyena(view)
Spotted Twilight Hyena.jpg
15 Animal Hyena
Stone Scorpion(view)
Stone Scorpion.png
 ♦15Normal ♠20Elite Construct Golem
Striped Twilight Hyena(view)
Striped Twilight Hyena.jpg
 ♠19Elite Animal Hyena
Tormented Shadow(view)
Tormented Shadow.jpg
CRs missing! Undead Shadow
 ♦19Normal ♥23Hard ♠29Elite Elemental Fire Elemental
Twilight Bat(view)
Twilight Bat.png
 ♠17Elite Animal Bat
Windlasher Austere(view)
Windlasher Austere.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♠23Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Windlasher Conjurer(view)
Windlasher Conjurer.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♠23Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Windlasher Evincer(view)
Windlasher Evincer.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♠17Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Windlasher Harbinger(view)
Windlasher Harbinger.jpg
 ♦16Normal ♠23Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Windlasher Recluse(view)
Windlasher Recluse.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♠17Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Windlasher Savage(view)
Windlasher Savage.jpg
 ♦14Normal ♠19Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Windlasher Typhoon(view)
Windlasher Typhoon.jpg
 ♦14Normal ♠23Elite Gnoll Gnoll
Windlasher Veteran(view)
Windlasher Veteran.jpg
 ♦12Normal ♠17Elite Gnoll Gnoll