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Warforged Traits

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Warforged Traits


Warforged are naturally immune to Sleep, Energy drained, Nauseated, Sickened, Exhausted, and Paralyzed effects.

Immune to ability score damage from Natural Poisons, and Natural Diseases but are vularable to those that effect wood or metal.

Warforged gain a +10 racial bonus to saving throws against Magical Poisons and do not fail saving throws against them on a roll of a natural 1 (this makes you immune to Magical Poisons with a DC of less than 11+your Fortitude save). If you transform into a different type of creature, you will lose these benefits until you are return to your Warforged form.


This feat is free at character creation.

Post Update 14 this feat was Warforged Immunities and Warforged were naturally immune to Sleep, Energy Drained, Nauseated, Exhausted, Poison, Disease, and Paralyzed effects.