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Name: Venge

Race: Drow Elf

Gender: Female

Bestows Quest(s): The Dreaming Dark

Location: Isle of Forgotten Dreams

Description: <Shaman>

Notes: Venge is the shaman of the small drow tribe in the Isle of Forgotten Dreams.

Isle of Forgotten Dreams[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the island, she will talk to you:

  • Venge: The evil spirits are angry, <race>!
  • Venge: I would blame your presence on this sacred island..., but the evil spirits are always angry.
    • You: You don't really want us on this island? -- Then why does your tribe bring explorers here?
      • Venge: even a drow must eat.
      • Venge: Chieftain Bitterblood and I spoke at length, but we agree—better this than turning into raiders or pirates.
    • You: Are these spirits the Dreaming Dark? They've already tried to kill me.
      • Venge: Indeed? And yet you still appear sane, <race>.
      • Venge: If you are an enemy of the spirits, you should seek out glass weapons. That is one of the few vulnerabilities they possess.

After you fixed the Interdiction Lens, she will have a third dialogue option:

  • You: I can get rid of the evil spirits, but I have to go to the Plane of Nightmares to do it. -- Do you know of a way to get there?
    • Venge: Old stories tell of giants who fought the spirits in their own home.
    • Venge: They drank the magical waters of an enchanted fountain—then their slumber would take them to the Plane of Nightmares.
    • Venge: This Fountain of Dreams is at the Ancient Giant Outpost on this island.
      • You: Very well—I'll find this fountain and drink from it. Then I'll be able to fight the Dreaming Dark in their home. (Bestow quest)
        • Venge: The Fountain of dream is there, in the ruins of the Stormreaver's Temple.

After completing The Dreaming dark, she will congratulate you:

  • Venge: The spirits are gone now. My tribe can remain on this island, and in harmony with the outsider races.
  • Venge: Thank you.
  • Venge: The human woman, Channa d'Cannith, wishes to express her gratitude to you as well.

After taking the reward from Channa, she will tell you:

  • Venge: My tribe is safe now, and you have my gratitude.
  • Venge: What may I do for you?