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Name: Bitterblood

Race: Drow Elf

Gender: Male

Bestows Quest(s): Reclaiming Memories

Affiliation(s): Coin Lords

Location: Isle of Forgotten Dreams

Description: <Chieftain>

Notes: Bitterblood is the chieftain of the small drow tribe in the Isle of Forgotten Dreams.

Isle of Forgotten Dreams[edit]

As soon as you arrive on the island, he will talk to you:

  • Bitterblood: Yet another outsider!
  • Bitterblood: As with the others, you are welcome to explore this island, <race>.
  • Bitterblood: But, if you anger the spirits of the ancient giants, then I am not responsible.
  • Bitterblood: Curious, some Path of Inspiration followers went to the place you are speaking of. It seems you have some competition.
  • Bitterblood: Go up the path, and head through the mist-shrouded valley. Past the valley are some Forgotten Ruins.
  • Bitterblood: What you seek is there, <race> -- But be wary; there are things best left forgotten!
    • You: Thanks for the information, chief. I'll be on my way now. (Bestow quest)

After you complete the Reclaiming Memories quest, and recover the frame of the Interdiction Lens, he will say:

  • Bitterblood: Did you find what you were seeking, <race>?
    • You: I found the Interdiction Crystal, all right—but it's broken! All of this was for nothing!
  • Bitterblood: This thing you speak of—it will calm the evil spirits?
  • Bitterblood: Then you should speak with Channa d'Cannith.
  • Bitterblood: I have seen her House remake tools of the ancient giants before, things that had lain broken on the ground for eons.

After you acquire the quest The Interdiction Lens, he will reply:

  • Bitterblood: I have heard of this Aspect Crystal that the Cannith woman spoke of.
  • Bitterblood: The ancient giants mined it from the Aspect Mine to the Nortwest. But, evil spirits have already gone inside—you should not trek there alone. Velrath watch the spirits from outside, so you should speak with her before you enter.
  • Bitterblood: Or, you can look in the Giants' Vault. On the cliff above us, Murkletter has dug a way in. Speak to him, but know that this path is too small for more than one person.
    • You: Thanks, I'll go find Velrath or Murkletter. (Advance quest)

After you advanced the quest, but before you get a new Aspect Crystal, he will reply:

  • Bitterblood: You still seek Aspect Crystal, yes?
  • Bitterblood: If you have friends at your back, speak with Velrath at the Aspect Mine, to the Northwest.
  • Bitterblood: If you are alone, speak with Murkletter at the Giants' Vault, on the cliff just above us.

After you get an Aspect Crystal, but before handing it back to Channa, he will reply:

  • Bitterblood: I see you found an Aspect Crystal.
  • Bitterblood: Give it to Channa d'Cannith, so that we may chase away the evil spirits.

After you acquire The Dreaming Dark, but before completion, he will reply:

  • Bitterblood: What do you want, outsider?
  • Bitterblood: Quickly, the spirits are angry and my people must prepare to leave this island!

After you finish The Dreaming Dark, he will say to you:

  • Bitterblood: My tribe is safe now, and you have my gratitude.
  • Bitterblood: What may I do for you?