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User:Agonshar/ToDo, IP & Done

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Info & Key:[edit]

This page lists all items needing attention whether they are page/article or category changes.


  • - Item completed - I have finalised & reviewed this item - it is fit for publication.
  • IP.png - Item in Progress - I am currently & actively working with this item.
  • - I have not yet started this item - it will be next after any items marked as IP.png.

Help and information wanted listing

  • I do have a main project in motion at all times usually - see my Projects page for the current status.

ToDo: [edit]

Pages needed: [edit]

  • Fire Raid
    • Devastator
    • Annihilator
    • Firebrand Ravagers
    • Firebrand Piercers
    • Crag Hellhounds
  • Ariel_Bianchi

Articles needed[edit]

  • Permanent Efficacy on Dethek Runestone missing.
  • Alchemical bonus values missing for: Improved potions.
  • Dethek Runestone attributes: (Insightful Devotion, Stone Paws & Runic Revitalization.)

Amendments needed[edit]

  • Something wrong with Heroic/Iconic Heart of Wood image pages.
  • Raise Dead page template
  • Look at all Client UI pages
  • Correct Maps listed that show upside down/sideways & remove notes.
  • Tier 3 Thunder forged crafting ingredients are wrong (there are NO items crafted with both fire phlogs and fire scales!)
  • nevalarich added to monster sub category of race type: dragons list here:

Current: IP.png[edit]

Green Steel[edit]

  • Re-write crafting guide
  • Condense, format & simplify
  • Incorporate & verify all links and information.

See: Current Project

Character Sheet[edit]

  • Tab by tab production of content
  • Multiple links across wiki
  • Each section with brief description taken from links page.
  • New Guide insertion, update other pages as required.

Done: [edit]


  • PAGE: Thraxata
  • PAGE: Nevalarich
  • PAGE: Stormreach Teleporter for Places
  • PAGE: Dwarven Ingots
  • PAGE: Black Stone
  • PAGE: Fire Dragon Phlogistons
  • PAGE: Fire Dragon Scales
  • PAGE: Shadow Dragon Phlogistons
  • PAGE: Shadow Dragon Scales
  • PAGE: Upload Shavarath Signet Stones mini images.
  • PAGE: Create Projects page.
  • PAGE: Zhentarim attuned removed from crafting & placed in Upgradable as its just a single click upgrade process.
  • PAGE: Add a crafting page for CoV's & all items (pots/heart-seeds etc) & add CoV page to crafting upgrades due to its barter interface.
  • PAGE: Create Dethek Runestone page: (Backley corrected to page/Item:Dethek_Runestone.)


    • ARTICLE: User Tabs (Consolidate & redirect existing information & methods ((new style rounded tabs)
    • ARTICLE: Signature template & .js setup process


  • AMEND: Add image for Thraxata
  • AMEND: Re-ordered In Development page to contain less clutter and be more explanatory.
  • AMEND: Thunderholme wilderness added to wilderness category.
  • AMEND: All Dwarven Ingot pages.
  • AMEND: Mapping 'How To with all required links due to User:Mjoll's last comment regarding leaving DDO permanently.
  • AMEND: User wiki help page showing the following content in sections:
  • AMEND: Reformated crafting page: color coded & separated sections.
  • AMEND: Korthos map was displaying exactly as the wiki showed it (wiki previously stated it was reversed - it wasn't.
  • AMEND: Update DDO Chat Channels page - too complicated with unnecessary info - images not needed.
  • AMEND: Add named raid loot from Fire on Thunder Peak.
  • AMEND: Add named raid loot from Temple of the Deathwyrm.
  • AMEND: Add link to [1] category on Quests page.
  • AMEND: Introduction text on Special_event_history - bland and not informational.
  • AMEND: Introduction text on Named_epic_items -bland and not informational.