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  • Character build: (when not on TR lives) Favored Soul.
  • Build name: The NecroSoul.
  • Main strengths are high Necro spell saves.
  • Stats are as follows: STR- | DEX- | CON- | INT- | WIS- | CHA-
  • Saves are as follows: FORT- | REFLEC- | WILL-
  • Resistances are as follows: ACID- | COLD- | LIGHTNING- | FIRE- | SONIC-
  • Spell Resistance- | Fortification- | PRR-

Spellschool | Spells[edit]

  • Primary spellschool: Necromancy.
  • Secondary spellschool: To be added.
  • These are the key spells and the maximum DC I managed to attain with each and how they were reached:
  • Slay Living | DC:
  • Destruction | DC:
  • Implosion | DC:

Slay Living & Destruction DC's are without Heighten Spell, that will be applied in the next TR build and a new DC set will be added here.


  • Playing a character that draws its two main strengths from two stats is always a benefit when compared to some other class's - such as Barbarians or Paladins both being melee based need to draw on several different stats at the same time to be a functional build.
  • Yet the FvS draws only on two key stats in order to succeed at most objectives, the methodology is simple enough; kill before being noticed therefore avoiding all complications.
  • When compared though to a Wizard however which uses one key stat for both its Spell Power & its Spell point total the FvS does not look quite as efficient as it could be.