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Stormreach Chronicle 15

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Dar Qat Traders Bring Safety to Stormreach![edit]


--Rising Rates of Monster Attacks--

Dear reader, do you know someone who's been accosted by a kobold or bugbear? Now I don't mean the nice kind of accosting that involves pamphlets, but the kind that involves words like, "Gimme all your gold and your freshly baked pie, or I'll cut you."

According to the latest Stormreach census, most people in Stormreach has experienced this or know someone who has. But what's causing this rise in monster attacks?

Coin Lord Graden Wylkes has a particular view on this. "It's all the bloody refugees coming here after the Last War. They're easy pickings for the lowlife monsters," he says.

But when Coin Lord Amanatu heard Wylkes' comment, he was heard shouting, "They're adventurers, not refugees, you fool! With their help, we can flush the kobolds out of the sewers and push the bugbears back into the jungle!"

Who's right? Only time will tell.

--Representatives From Dar Qat in Stormreach!--

For the longest time, citizens of Stormreach have seen the nearby city of Dar Qat as a grave threat. All we knew was that its powerful military guarded its borders zealously -- and the occassional absurd rumor of mass arrests.

But all of that changed when the Dar Qat trade mission opened in Stormreach's Old Harbor. Not only has this brought in a wealth of trade, but representatives of Dar Qat calling themselves "the Inspired" openly answer questions about their home. It really sounds like a swell place!

In fact, the peaceful Inspired have had a startling effect on the Old Harbor. Crime is virtually non-existent and their sewers are entirely kobold-free! Now widely known as the safest place in Stormreach, most people refer to the Old Harbor as the "The Inspired Quarter."

But even in the face of all this, Coin Lord Graden Wylkes steadfastly refuses to allow anyone into the Inspired Quarter unless they have business there. Lord Wylkes, what have you to hide?


Apologies Mr. Gann.

Cannot help you restore lamed leg -- am merely combat medic. Should you battle kobolds, please don't hesitate to purchase premium contract for my services.
-- Dryad Willowisp.

Lv 3 Warforged Barbarian ISO like-minded adventurers for crate destruction armageddon. Interested parties should speak to my agent, Groodug Meathands in the Harbor.