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Stormreach Chronicle 11

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle 11 - The Twelve Tempts Trouble, Asks Adventurers Aid! Trainers Teach Superior Techniques! Enigmatic Eldritch Contraption Discovered![edit]


Tower of The Twelve Open for Business!

The Gatekeeper, a master of The Twelve, has politely asked for some space in this edition of the world famous Stormreach Chronicle for a message from The Twelve. After last edition's chronicle and the choice words he had for me off the record, I politely declined. Once he started mumbling strange arcane words and my feet started tingling and growing fur, we came to a gentleman's agreement. Without further ado, the Gatekeeper.

Adventurers of Stormeach, I bid you heed my call! I know we of The Twelve have seemed lofty and aloof, living in a world above and beyond yours, a world filled with magical power beyond your meager comprehension, and to date, that has all been true. However, I fear we have erred greatly, and now I beseech you come to our aid. We have dispatched all the resources at our disposal to remedy this issue, yet none have returned. Xen'drik and the whole of Eberron are in grave danger. We do not make this plea lightly, we had no plans of letting anyone but the finest of adventurers, those who the most epic of tales are written about, in to our arcanely infused grounds. Even the best laid of foundations will crack and break under the most intense of pressures. Our gates remained closed during the threat of the Warforged Titan, sealed while Lailat raised an army in the Menechtarun, barred as the Stormreaver rose to power, steadfast while the Black Abbot nearly ascended. We have now flung open our doors. Our foe is not to be taken lightly and our situation is the most grave we have ever faced. Come now adventurers of Stormreach, our grandmaster, Gustavine Kyerrh urgently requests you meet immediately for an audience. Your expertise is in dire need.

Educators Import Advanced Abilities

The Trainers of Stormreach's various adventurers have reported a new influx of knowledge and techniques from the continent of Khorvaire. Several ships carrying important documents and teachings were able to run the pirates blockade and deliver this crucially important information. Several ships were wrecked, but the captains feel in time they will be able to recover the lost information. The pirates have greatly increased their raids as of late, and I don't think the Coin Lords will be able to stand for it much longer. But in the short term, adventurers of all shapes and sizes, colors and creeds, should head to their nearest and dearest trainer for crucially important new ways to kill the beasts of Xen'drik.

Strange Machine Unearthed

The Twelve have reportedly discovered a relic of the long lost giant empire. Rumors abound that this is an ancient transmutation device, able to take specific combinations of items and change them into something new. Your faithful reporter hasn't seen any of these devices, and personally believes this story to be a load of poppycock and rubbish designed to lure adventurers out to wherever The Twelve need them, where the Gatekeeper will promptly sacrifice them in a massive arcane ritual. What? You say he's still in the building? This ritual would of course be designed towards saving all of Xen'drik, as The Twelve is kind and benevolent. They in fact have the finest punch and pie in all of Eberron, I've been to a banquet there, it was exquisite.

That's all for this issue Stormreach. Stay dry, stay warm, stay covered in your enemies blood and entrails!