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Stormreach Chronicle 7

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle 7 - Agent of Argonnessen Makes Much Anticipated Arrival![edit]


Agent of Argonnessen Arrives at Last
Two agents of Argonnessen recently arrived on Stormreach's shores and have decided to setup in a small abandoned stall in the marketplace. This reporter is forced to ask, why the sudden interest? Dragons have been scouring the skies and city for several months, and now two official agents arrive? I tried to speak with these two women of ravishing beauty, but they didn’t have much to say, except for spouting off several insults about me being of a lesser race and not worthy of standing before them! The audacity! If you think you can convince them to speak with you, or if you enjoy being insulted, Cydonie and Genecia can be found at the south end of Silversmith Road.

A Fanciful Ditty about Frozen Dragons
Our resident travelling bard, Menemas Songweaver, has finally returned from his latest adventuring trip. He often goes into the depths of Xen'drik for several months before returning with a tale of what he found.
The sky moves swiftly,
The clouds are dark,
A light shines faintly,
Thus I embark.

Monsters tower above,
Lava flows beneath.
A tight crystal glove,
Forms an ancient sheath.

Armies come from far and wide,
Pledged to a legend reborn,
Ancient rivals will soon collide,
Xen'drik's future is forlorn.

Farmers Fight to Fortify Fields
Many years ago the Cerulean Hills was a prosperous farmland, providing a plentiful bounty of fresh fruits and vegetables to a daily farmer's market. This open land of gently rolling hills and cascading waterfalls lies just beyond the harbor's southern gate. Within, a glorious white marble temple to the goddess Arawai provided shelter and kept the land fertile. Then, the orcs came. Now the farms have been abandoned, the temple is in ruins, and the hills sing a song of sadness. Perhaps some good can be returned to this once glorious land.