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Stormreach Chronicle 12

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle 12 - Rage Against Shavarath! Monk Masters! Pirate Lords Attack![edit]


The Twelve Stay Resolute Against Invaders!

Today, much like yesterday, I was hungry for pie. So I headed over to the Phoenix Tavern for bite. And like yestereday, I couldn't help notice that gigantic smoking crater in the middle of the Marketplace. It sits there, reminding Stormreach of the day Shavarath attacked. Some of us try to live our lives as if nothing happened, hiding in our daily pie. Some of us run away, sailing back to Khorvaire, or just running naked into the woods. But some of us choose to confront this new danger head-on. That's what The Twelve is doing. For today, several of the most powerful mages of the Twelve arrived, swearing that the infernal Shavarath Devils would not succeed while they stood. Still, they can't do it alone, says the Gatekeeper. 'If you are strong, you can help. Speak to the Grandmasters at the crater. And if you're not strong, then become strong.' The Gransmaster adds, 'We need every adventurer in Stormreach.'

Master Ji'an In Stormreach!

For decades, hopeful students have sought out Master Ji'an, seeking answers to the riddles of the multiverse. Yes, those same eternal questions that plague you like that itch you can't quite reach... such as 'how do I reach enlightenment in this chaotic world' or 'how do I break a troll in two with my bare hands?' Since arriving in Stormreach, Master Ji'an has been answering these questions for more students than ever before. 'I wish I could do more', says Ji'an, 'but I am only one man.' No need to worry when his classes fill up though. True to monk tradition, his best students are in turn showing others how to kick kobold behinds.

Low Tariffs Lead To Three Barrel Piracy

A few issues ago, we spoke with the Coin Lords about the lowered tariffs on Thunder Sea shipping. At the time, everyone expected it to bring in more trade and wealth for everyone in Stormreach. And it did! Thanks to my editor for the nifty raise! But, in the last few months we've also seen a side-effect: the explosion of piracy. The Coin Lords once almost eradicated it entirely, but yes, it's back, bigger than ever. New so called 'Pirate Lords' roam the seas, taking dozens of ships each month. Conservative estimates place the economic loss up into the millions of platinum pieces. The Stormreach Guard think these pirates are based somewhere near Three Barrel Cove, but with the recent Shavarath attacks they lack the manpower to deal with it. So is this a golden opportunity for an entrepreneuring adventurer? This writer certainly thinks so!


Great opportunity for goblin hunters. Speak to Popovka in Stormreach Harbor for details.

Halfling entertainer available for private parties. Book yours today with Madame Fiona!

Seeking experienced sailors for high seas adventure. Wages given out on profit-sharing basis. Only the toughest and most cunning need apply. Seek out Captain Rackam in Three Barrel.