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Stormreach Chronicle 17

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Sent with Update 17

Stormreaver Returned To Gianthold![edit]


The ancient conflict between dragon and giant appears rekindled – and this time the Stormreaver himself has been seen in the battle! Many readers of this fine publication are aware of the impact these wars have had on Xen’drik. Does this new conflict portend doom for us all? This reporter hesitates to say “Yes! By all means, panic!!!” Nonetheless, readers are being urged to make sure their Chronicle subscriptions are up-to-date, for fear of missing important information that could very well save the lives of everyone they love!

In response to the conflict, the Aurum are urging people to take basic precautions, such as the delay of new construction in the Gianthold Tor, and avoiding the area if you are less than ten feet tall.

Adventurers seeking to enter this epic battle should weigh the risks before proceeding. Only the strongest and most able heroes should consider themselves brave enough to get in the middle of this fight! Those who enjoy being crushed under a gigantic boot or blasted with massive elemental breath attacks can speak to Thaden, located near the House Kundarak Bank in The Marketplace.


Arcane researchers from The Twelve have made a breakthrough that will forever alter the way Augments are applied! Arcane Chromaticist Hue the Luminous tells this reporter, “We’ve found a way to embed color-based Augment Slots in just about anything! Using a newly-created process, we’ve distilled the essence of prismatic frogs into a substance that can be added to items during their creation. Stabbing your foes through the heart is now 27% more fun!”

Reports of items are coming in with Augment Slots being found in chests everywhere, and even Cannith Crafters have found that items with Augment Slots can be further crafted upon by their techniques! Some enterprising vendors have also been seen offering these new augments. Using an Augment is as easy as double-clicking on it and combining the augment with an item that contains one of these new Augment Slots. Adventurers can change their slotted augments at any time!


Have you ever teased a small child only to discover that the child’s meaner, much-larger brother was standing nearby? The pirates of Crystal Cove have apparently decided that they are sick of adventurers beating them up and taking their stuff, and have called in tougher reinforcements for help! These new hobgoblins have allegedly been eating a diet of dragon meat and broken glass, and Crystal Cove is now prepared for the toughest Stormreach has to offer! Rumor has it these new pirates have brought with them even more-powerful loot as well! To visit Crystal Cove, speak to Sailor Calatin when he’s hanging around The Harbor.


LOST: Full set of Blue Dragonscales in the Gianthold Tor. Still attached to Dragon. If spotted, please contact nearest Agent of Argonnessen. Dragon could be considered harmless, maybe. Goes by the name “Grumpy.”

WANTED: Full set of Giant, Dragon, and Elven Relics. Contact Crag for more information.

HELP WANTED: Shoemaker’s assistant needed. Prior experience with size 78 or larger shoes helpful, but will train the right person. Good pay and benefits! Applicants must be proficient in avoiding gigantic feet during sizing procedure.