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Stormreach Chronicle 1

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle - Stormreach Necropolis Site of Cult Skirmishes[edit]


Silver Flame troops clashed with members of the nefarious Emerald Claw outside the gates of Stormreach's old cemetary early this morning. Dame Calla Swiftmare of the Silver Flame was quoted as saying, 'The Claw represents all that we oppose...' Recent reports indicate that the fighting has stopped and the two sides are in negotiations. In related news, members from a third faction are decrying both the Flame and the Claw, proclaiming that a 'Time of the Dead' is fast approaching.


Toheas Songweaver & the Critical Hits
Now appearing at the Phoenix Tavern, Marketplace, Stormreach

V- I saw you standing there, your shadowed countenance drawing me in like a moth to a flame. I said hello but you just stared at me and said nothing. Please be my dark prince!

Feel like a change of pace?
Unhappy with your current career?
Join the Stormreach Guard! We will train you!
Apply at Harbormaster's Square, Stormreach Harbor.

Help Wanted:
Local merchant seeks enterprising individuals for immediate employment. Must possess own equipment and have references. Contact Baudry Cartamon for details.

Want to be a star? Learn to sing or play guitar!
Find Dorin Bluestone in the Harbor for more information.