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Stormreach Chronicle 13

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle 13 - Secrets of Argonnessen! Island Under Siege! Henchmen![edit]


New Emissary, Old Threat!

Dearest readers: Has the past ever risen up and bitten you somewhere you really wish it hadn't? I speak not of ex-companions; nor of ancient Menechtarun scorpions; nor indeed of late fees on unpaid import duties on pie ingredients from the great bakeries of Sharn. No - what I speak of is far worse! According to Aurben, a recently-arrived emissary from Argonnessen currently to be found on the south Silversmith Road in the market, an old foe of Stormreach has risen from the grave as a mighty lich and now threatens the city! Who is this foe you ask? Citing the danger of mass hysteria, Aurben refused to comment further, but he has raised a call to all able-bodied heroes to meet him and discuss the topic in greater depth. Such intrigue!

Dragon Sighted Over Korthos

In an apparently unrelated development, Korthos Island, one of the more picturesque ports along the sea-route from Xen'Drik to Khorvaire, has been attacked and besieged by an army of Devourer-worshipping sahuagin! Rumors abound that a white dragon is in league with the vile fish-people, blockading the Korthos harbor and sinking any ship that dares approach. Woe betide any new arrivals from Khorvaire hoping to make a name for themselves in our glorious city...

Sudden Deluge of Mercenary Talent

During my regular scavenge for the very best in Stormreach pie yesterday, I was suddenly accosted by a very strange man trying to sell me bits of paper he called 'Contracts'. These magical scrolls are bound to various down-and-out mercenaries who have apparently invested themselves in this novel scheme to see their deadly talents go to better use ... and to better line their pockets. Bellwether Bill had this to say: 'Hey, if you can't do it yourself... hire someone to do it for you. Oldest trick in the book, mate.' I wonder whether their duties will include fetching pie?