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Stormreach Chronicle 6

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Stormreach Chronicle:
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Stormreach Chronicle 6 - Trainers Hold Conference, Word from Argonnessen![edit]


Trainers Tune Teaching Techniques!
The largest conference of trainers ever assembled within the walls of Stormreach recently took place at Livewood Theater in House Phiarlan. Talk was spirited but the central subject was, without a doubt, what the trainers could do better to help adventurers support and defend the city. After several days of heated discussion and argument about the best manner to do this, consensus was finally reached. Adventurers will find the decision of breadth or depth has been left up them! Trainers have also been pushing forward and are constantly developing new techniques and enhancements to teach to Stormreach's finest.

Eau de Adventure!
Residents of Jorasco and Kundarak report the stench coming from several doorways has dramatically decreased in the past several days. These houses are known hives of villainy, and the odor alteration provides evidence that several of their devious denizens have packed up and left town. Ulfgar d'Kundarak has been quoted as stating 'We believe the issues present in these houses should be able to be resolved by a single well outfitted adventurer. Wait, what? There's a what in the vault? Are you sure? I've got to go.' At this point Ulfgar and his assistant sprinted as fast as dwarves can really sprint back to House Kundarak's coffers. We approached Rhialle d'Jorasco for a comment, but she was too busy communing with a tree.

Agent of Argonnessen's Arrival Anxiously Anticipated!
We have received news of the Dragons of Argonnessen! As you remember in our last issue we reported that dragon sightings over the city had increased ten-fold. The Coin Lords had sent numerous couriers to Argonnessen to try and discover what the dragon's intentions are. High level sources close to Coin Lords themselves have reported a letter was received earlier in the week providing some details as to what's going on. 'Within a few short weeks our representative will arrive in Stormreach. If you do not address her concerns within a short period of time, we will be forced to address them ourselves. I'm sure you can find out what happened the last time we had to deal with a matter on Xen'drik.' While the Coin Lords might not care to know, this reporter did his digging. In defeating the giant empire that used to dominate the continent, the dragons unleashed a devastating power destroying much of what lived on Xen'drik. I'll do my best to get an interview with this mystery representative once they arrive, but after that folks, my bags are packed!

Lost Kitten!
Darren d'Deneith is reporting his son's kitten has gone missing. The cat is an orange-red color, and features some odd looking outgrowths on his back that appear spiky in nature. The cat responds to the name 'Snuggles.' If found, please contact Darren d'Deneith. He can be found between the Foundry and docks in House Deneith.

Keep your nose clean, your sword sharp, and your eyes to the sky. The dragons are coming!